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Saturday, January 27


I'm incredibly tired...so no capitalizing :( anyway...i had 5 mt. dews earlier today which gave me so much energy, annnd of course with a burst of energy like that you can only expect there to be a shitty shitty downfall. and yeah there was. but anyway...i got sick at jno...dizzy very very dizzy and very weak. ummm i danced a lot. and that made me very happy...well, im super super tired...i dont plan on waking up tomorrow. i have no reason to, no motivation...hmm i don't really have a reason to wake up on sunday either...besides the fact i have to do my laundry, but i don't think that's such great motivation.

well, i said i was going to bed at the beginning of this post. ha yeah well, i think i really am now...oh the movie tonight was awesome. granted i drifted off once or twice...i didn't miss the good stuff. kevin and i agreed that a very funny movie would be one with the entire cast throwing themselves from tall buildings, or just something fairly high...at random or completely not even on purpose...ha. well, you had to be there/seen the movie/been veryvery tired/have a sick sense of humor.

im so tired...it's 311 haha thats funny.


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