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Thursday, January 18

the shitties n the muslims :P ((dont know..)

from eric's blog...kind o f funny how my reaction time sucks...reminds me of a story...ill post it in a diff post.

There were a total of 100 geometric shapes. You answered 49 of them before exiting.

Correct Incorrect
Circles 43 0
Other 0 6
Accuracy = 87.76%
Average Reaction Time = 0.93 seconds
Fastest Reaction Time = 0.44 seconds
Slowest Reaction Time = 1.73 seconds

Your score is 63 out of a possible 100
Above Average Procrastinator

You rank between the top 25% and 10% in terms of procrastination. That is, when it comes to putting things off, you often do so even though you know you shouldn’t. Likely, you are more free-spirited and spontaneous than most. Probably, your work doesn’t engage you as much as you would like or perhaps you are surrounded by easily available and more pleasant temptations. These temptations may initially seem rewarding, but in the longer-term, you see many of them as time-wasters. Though you likely often still get your work done, there is probably a lot of last minute panicking and unwanted stress. You may want to reduce what procrastination you do commit. If so, here are three tips that have been shown to work:


Blogger onionboy said...

wow, is that last paragraph YOU or what?
"...there is probably a lot of last minute panicking and unwanted stress..."

1/19/2007 5:42 AM  

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