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Wednesday, February 7


I don't know....I don't really want to keep blogs anymore. It's basically like throwing your journal full of your intimate thoughts and what nots into a flock of vultures.

I don't get life. No sir, I do not. It's just one big repetitive thing. That's all I'm going to say on that...

CSI is tomorrow. Let's see...5 fucking hours of CSI.

This is odd, but I want to just stay in my room. or stay secluded and alone...hmm I like strangers a lot. The strangers that you walk by and your over-protective and judemental mother used to block you from...They are amazing, friendly, and everything positive (their attitude and atmosphere)...I want to meet someone and be friends, but not tell each other anything from our pasts [yes, like casablanca], so that way there's no risk of judement. More of a friendly, fun, friendship in the present. not the past or future. just right now.

I should do my homework...I should...I don't know maybe I will sometime tonight. I'm sick...mentally, emotionally, and oh I guess physically. Nothing contagious, I promise. hmm well, I guess this is where I end.


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