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Wednesday, August 2

bleeping bleep bleep

I am so pissed off!!! Some damn little bitch on eBay continues to outbid me on the poofy petticoat I was really looking forward to winning!!! Unfortunately now it's way too high for me, so I just have to watch as the precious petticoat is won by someone else. Oh well...maybe I'll get lucky and find one very very similiar...On a positive note about eBay, I'm making quite the profit. :) Mostly on an old pair of shoes...apparently their a "hot item." Sure they are cute, but I didn't pay near as much as how much the bidding is at now for them. I'm not complaining, though....I think I post too much. I'm going to stop...

Oh exciting news! haha I found a laptop for only $300 and it comes with a free printer!! Can you even believe that? Wow...My dad and I are probably going to get it sometime this week. (It's at CompUSA is you're interested...)

I've been working on a dress for 3 hours now, and I don't really want to stop, but I figured I should attempt to get more sleep because I have a busy day tomorrow. (mostly babysitting my nephew...I'm kind of liking him a little more now) The dress I'm working on is going to be adorable!! I can't wait until I get it done...although it looks more like a fall/winter dress...I'll probably still wear it in the summer. I never wear "summer appropriate clothes. I think I'm in denial of the weather. haha But I never get too terribly hot outside(unless dancing) it's weird because other people who are wearing less clothes are hotter than me wearing more clothes...hmm. Of course I do get stared at because of that...I wore knee-highs, wool skirt, and long sleeve shirt and oh my did many stare...haha How did I get on this topic??

My stomache feels funny and I didn't even eat much freak foods, interesting...I have to wake up early tomorrow, and I want to read for at least an hour...I love thrift stores.


Blogger Becky said...

maybe your stomach hurts because you're sad about the skirt. :o(

8/02/2006 3:17 PM  

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