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Thursday, August 10


So, I re-took the quiz (45 questions) and got Raiders of The Lost Ark...apparently I live for adventure, fortune-hunting, and danger....I don't know about the fortune part. I do like looking for [and taking] lots of coins around the house, but I hardly think that counts. I just finished making a skirt for myself. It's pretty cool and different...it's a mini skirt, too, which is weird because I haven't worn minis in years. It doesn't ride up, so I can dance in it. I was going to put up a picture, but instead I'll just wear it Friday and post a picture before I leave. Oh, and I have someone coming on Friday [to JNO not the lindy bomb]. Not the same person I invited awhile back...I volunteer with this guy, and one of these colder days I'll be starting to play paintball with him and whomever else he plays with. I've always wanted to get huge welts and bruises from paintballs. That's not sarcastic...Well, I don't know why I'm posting...Don't forget to go to Jazz on The Green...lots of people only go when the Jitterbugs have some event. Oh well, it makes the normal Jazz on The Green days "intimate"...I've been going to bed around 5:30am these past couple weeks, so I think to save my health I should try and get to sleep a little earlier...chances of that happening are slim, though...


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