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Monday, December 11


This week should be interesting....yep yep. It should be. I have no idea why. I just think it will be. Sooo no real update, just think that after a week an update should be made. I'm working on my Christmas dress....I'll probably wear it Friday if I get it done. but it's not vintage/vintage looking...whatever. I'm running out of money, so I guess this means I need to make a stop at work and pick up my last paycheck? gah I don't want to, but I probably will...sometime..soon. Friday is 'A Christmas Story' at dundee....$5. other than that...there's really nothing this week...that's pretty lame...oh well. bye

Monday, December 4

random and sick

Doing alright today, just mellow...and a little bummed, because I'd love to be at home sleeping or just laying around. I'm sick, and it would be nice to take a day off...but I have a "huge test" today and tomorrow I just can't, and Wednesday...well, haha...it's wednesday, and Thursday...hmmm maybe. My nose hurts, from kleenexes, my throat hurts, my ears hurt and I can't hear anything, I'm cold but I'm not....and bleh....Once again, I'm sorry if anyone gets sick. I wasn't really planning on dancing yesterday, but ended up dancing. That seems to be the way it always happens. I dance when I don't plan on it, and when I plan on dancing I don't dance. ha...that's just messed up. Finally, I'm getting out of school now: 1:15...ugh....

.::week ahead::.
Wed-apparently I'm going to Nico for the swinging a star thing
Fri-Metal Christmas Concert at Sokol!! :) :) :) [[bruises, blood, and broken bones]]
Sun-maybe lindy in the mall...