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Monday, July 31

What to do...

Wednesday: Travato's 7p-?
Thursday: Jazz on the Green 7p-9p ((IT GOES INSIDE WHEN IT RAINS))
Friday: Midnight movie is Who Framed Roger Rabbit...not 100% sure if I'm going, let me know if you really want to, though [[next week (8/11) Nightmare Before Christmas!!!]]
Saturday: Anti-Illegal Immigration Protest on 36th & Dodge 10am :) & a free concert by Venaculas 7p @ Westroads

Sunday, July 30

Interested in Menswear?? [[revised]]

Today was okay. A lot better than the last two days. I bought 4 interesting books from the Antiquarium, one being my favorite author ever: Mary Higgins Clark. I highly recommend her books...well, I don't recommend it if you don't like murder, deception, twisted behavior, and mystery. :) Very interesting reads...I got a cactus, too. :D Hopefully it will last many years, I posted a picture of it because it's really pretty. I know cactuses don't need water, but for some reason I still think I should water it.
I think I'm going to make ties for men...or women...At lindy Dan was talking about having me make some ties...Shouldn't be too terribly hard. It's pretty much just two long strips of fabric sewed together. I'll update about how that goes. Oh, while on the topic I bought 2 different ranges of sizes for men's long & short sleeve dress shirt/dress pants/something else patterns lesterday. (yesterday night/last night) So if you are a guy and you want a dress shirt/pants, maybe you should let me know and we can figure something out.

So, my favorite person ever was in town today, Tony Lampert, and he actually remembered me...I was surprised and very happy I was remembered. All the way up until middle school he was the pastor at the church I used to go to, but then he left to Mississippi, and since then I haven't gone to church. haha I think he was the one who really made my day as good as it was. :)

Hmm...I have lots of fabric I bought awhile back, and don't have anything to do with it/forgot what I was going to do with it, so I'm going to post pictures up and if anyone sees fabric they like and would like me to make something out of it, let me know! [[I marked what each fabric was like with red arrows/text...if you can't see/read it and you want to let me know.]]

Saturday, July 29


No update, trust me you don't want it. I had a horrible horrible night immediately after JNO...I just want to post a quote I liked. "Ugliness is better than beauty. It lasts longer and in the end, gravity will get us all." [courtesy of Mr. Depp] Family Guy makes me happy...

I took that plaid tu-tu top I made awhile back off of Etsy, because I want it for myself. I'm going to size it for me and wear it tomorrow if I feel better enough to go to Lindy...

Tuesday, July 25

Here's to the mourning...

So...I'm not planning on posting for the rest of the week [maybe I can get some much needed sewing done] Not too much new. There's a girl who wants me to make her an "awesome" homecoming dress by October...She hasn't yet told me what exactly "awesome" means, though...If it's something ridiculously complicated that only Valentino himself could make, then no way. I'm hoping it's something simple yet fun that I could do with lots of normal frustration and ease. :) It is quite the compliment, though, for someone to ask me [of all the people] to make a homecoming dress.

We'll see how that goes...I forgot to turn in my application to Hancock last week, so I'm doing that tomorrow. Right now eBay is my primary source of income and it's not reliable. Next week I should be getting my official valid license...no big deal to me. Until school starts, chances are everywhere I go is usually with my sister. Last night I bought some awesome fabric from Wal-Mart for amazingly cheap. Never have I even bothered to look at fabric there, but it's not bad. I won't be buying there again, though, because the selection is kind of unfortunate and they don't sell knits or satins.

Thursday: Jazz on the Green 7p-9p THEY MOVE IT INSIDE IF IT RAINS

Monday, July 24

There isn't a describable word...

To explain how freaking awesome this weekend was. :) I believe that this has to be the absolute best weekend ever!!! The wedding was the start of it...I was always too little to participate in weddings and really had no interest, but now that I'm older and I know how to dance...wow it was sooo much fun! Although the water was incredibly disgusting...oh well dehydration is always fun, eh?? Corinn's party was awesome, I think she had a great birthday...A lot of people left to go somewhere else, but me and a few others stayed at Old Chicago and played pool, but then I was getting a little antsy. I mean seriously after my third Mt. Dew I got to be moving like crazy. So we walked to the slides in Gene Leahy and had the most fun you could ever possibly have for FREE!! :) Met a bunch of new friends, too...kind of. I had never been on those slides before, so I was a little leery, but after the first time I kept going and going, and had bigger guys push me so I'd get air and hurt myself!! hahaha It was awesome and soo hard to stop. I know I'll be feeling lots of pain in my entire body tomorrow...well later today. :) The sliding addiction lasted about 1 hour and a half...then we danced to no music...sang really loud...walked someplace and sang lots of random songs and talked until 2am. :) hehehe That was a lot of fun, because I probably would have just gone home at 10:30, because I can't get into most bars. :( Now that wouldn't be much fun, would it?? Well, I hope everybody had a wonderful and safe night...I'm contemplating having a party...

Saturday, July 22

Ordinary's just not good enough today...

So...fun week, and it's not over. :) Not much exciting things happened so far...it was just a fun week. I went to the 72nd and Dodge Target the other day. Not much different, I mean sure it's huge and a little different in certain ways, and their Starbuck's is actual visible...but other than that's it's just a Target. I don't understand why they put one there, 72nd & Dodge, and one on 72nd & Ames. Crazy if you ask me. Oh, while I was at Target I got quite the surprise...My phone vibrated and I answered thinking it was a family member, but no it was some guy speaking Spanish. I wanted to respond with...well, I won't say just in case I offend someone...Anyway... :) But, now that Target is out of Saddle Creek, I think Wal-Mart should move in there rather than take over the sacred land of the Ranch Bowl. There are already too many Wal-Marts out West, why not make some down in central Omaha??

Do a lot of people really care when someone wears the same thing as them?? A girl tonight wore the same skirt as me. I thought it was pretty awesome, and hilarious at the same time....But do people really get pissed off and go home and change, or rip the other person's clothes off? I don't understand that. Obviously if you buy something at a retail store someone, somewhere is going to have that same thing. I guess some people just don't understand it.

I just watched Michael's Feeling Good music video...very interesting. Kind of James Bond meets Charlie's Angels...It could've been different, but I'm not complaining. Everything he does is great, though. :) Michael Stipe is amazing and pretty as well...hmm do I sense a pattern??

Today's Natalie Dee comic makes me want to rethink roasting marshmellows again. haha It is pretty funny, though. I'm not going to post the picture because I don't really feel like it...sorry.

I don't know if anyone saw my "necklace" tonight, but I'm thinking about using one of the links as an earring. It's really wide...a lot wider than the earring hole I have now, but I can make it work, might be painful, but in the end it will look really awesome. :P

*if you comment as anonymous, don't unless you say who you are...that's all I ask, thank you*

Wednesday, July 19

What's it gonna be, me or the Ham & Swiss??

Nothing real exciting...I figured out how to actually get things done that you need to/want to get done. :) Make a list the night before, but not just any list. A pretty list, that take you took a lot of time on. Because then, if you don't do all the stuff on the list, you feel like you wasted paper and your precious sleep time. It worked for me, I think it can work for you, too. Here's a picture of my pretty list of what to do. I'm not completely done with it yet. I just have the last bullet to do. :)Project Runway is on tonight. Exciting...Oh, I got my knives and fabric scissors sharpened today. haha When I went to Lincoln for that camp, they broke my scissors. The teachers and kids used them without asking and were like "Wow these scissors are so sharp!! I've never used such sharp scissors!!" Yeah, so I'm assumming one of the girls broke them, but it could've been a teacher, too...They wouldn't cut right when I came back, but now thanks to the scissor man I can cut through anything. :)

I've decided to take on the Swedish language as well. Apparently Finland speaks some Swedish, too, and if I knew Swedish I could go to Finland AND Sweden. Clever, huh? I haven't fully grasped the Finnish language yet, but I think I've got the pronunciation down...after what 3 weeks? haha

Tomorrow or Friday I'm turning in an application to Hancock Fabrics...hopefully I can get a job there. Just in case, on my way down to the Josyln tomorrow I probably should stop at Homer's and get an application just to be safe. I have to go get ready now...

Sunday, July 16


For hair color: (I'm not necessarily dying it any color you vote, just curious...)

Hot Pink (dark/deep pink)

Infa Red (deeper red)

Plum Passion ( Dark Purple)

Saturday, July 15

I just woke up to 2 things: a bug crawling on my face, and I found out I'm sick. :) What a marvelous way to start the day!! :|

Props to the Corleone Family!!!

Well, I must say The Godfather was splendid. Especially on a huge screen. It was great because people couldn't say or do anything stupid to ruin the movie, and also it seems that everytime I watch the Godfather, I find something new. Besides the fact that I've only seen it on TV and it had a lot of extra scenes in the movie. Kevin what did you think of the movie?? I would absolutely love it if they would play part 2. :) Maybe someday. So I got a whole new list of midnight movies for the months ahead...and let's just say, we're all in for a treat :)

Other than the Godfather my night was pretty blah...ummm I'm bringing the munchies I promised I'd bring Friday to Lindy in the Park....I didn't think it'd be right if I brought them to celebrate Sarah's birthday without her there. So, I'm also wearing my pink dress Sunday, because I said I would.

I need to dye my hair again...apparently some people on the manic panic website leave it on for 2 hours...so maybe I'll try something like that...I don't think it looks that great, and I know there are places I missed, too. :(

Wow, I'm just really happy I got to see the GOdfather...I'm 100x happier now. Not that it's anything close to a happy movie, but I just like it...It has a lot of emotion and meaning and violence. haha Well, I think I'm done here...See you all at Lindy.

I SCREWED UP!! Next week's movie is Happy Gilmore. So, I may go...I'm not sure though. Adam Sandler's pretty cool. :)

Wednesday, July 12

It happens....

JAZZ ON THE GREEN 7-9pm GO!!! :)
So I'm posting twice in one day. Call me a freak I could care less, because I just might be...I'll save the Project Runway thoughts at the end...So, I kind of had a day today. Not good, not bad. Just a day. Parts were horrible...Such as babysitting my nephew (1.75 yrs old). oo I hate him soo much most of the time. Here's what he did today: I was fairly excited about taking him to the park, because last time we had a blast! I got him ready and picked him up to take him to the stroller...no stroller. I said okay, well I can carry you...I'll sweat a lot more especially in a sweatshirt, but I can carry you. So, I grabbed my water, and the kid and went outside. Not more than 10 ft outside he starts sneezing all over me. I begin cursing profanties underneath the window where my brother works at home, my mom comes out and I'm yelling at her to take this f-ing kid!!!! take him!!! By the time she actually got him my yummy propel water was covered in his snot/sneeze stuff and I was in tears!!

*I'm very particular about germs...sneezes, people touching my food, people touching "community food" (grapes, olives, peanuts, chex mix) PLEASE use a utensil!!...Don't care too much about coughs, because I have a cough...I don't care about germy hands so much (otherwise I wouldn't be dancing) but I must wash my hands later on.*

Moving on...no one noticed my hair (outside my immediate family). Not my brother, sister-in-law, JT...nor a couple other people. [thank you becky for saying something at the class, it made happy] I thought it was obvious, it's sort of purplish red. Is that just a natural color people dye their hair? Does it look natural?? Now I'm tempted to dye it again and leave it on a lot longer and put more heat on it. Hopefully it will go full blast red. Then maybe people will notice it more...

I'm not sure what I think of the Bal-Swing class...so far I know all the stuff they taught me, partially from just dancing with people and partially from the Bal-Swing workshop Saturday...I'm still hopeful I'll learn a lot more. And if I don't I guess I spent the last of my money for practice. :) I don't get to dance Balboa/Bal-Swing very much, so practice is good...

Lastly, Project Runway was very interesting. I was blown away by the coffee filter dress, unfortunately it did not win. I don't see why. He was the one who used the most odd materials...But I suppose the piece was to reflect the personality of the designer more than be creative. I thought for sure Vincent was out of there, though...What a piece of crap he made. I guess they like "variety" on the show.

Auf Wiedersehen

No, it's not Finnish, it's German. And Heidi Klum...oh not anymore...well anyway Heidi is German, and Heidi hosts a certain show and says that all the time. What could this mysterious show be? Project Runway? Yes! And it starts tonight at 10/9c. I love saying that....it starts at # # central time. :) Anyway it's on Bravo ((the second best channel))...

So...I think that's all. Just a quick event reminder in case you had nothing to do tonight.

If you're going to Bal-Swing, yay. I'll be there....hahaha...Thursday is Jazz on the Green, Friday is THE FREAKING GODFATHER!!!!

Monday, July 10


I was bored and felt like posting...so I got an awesome rainbow belt in the mail today....it's cute. hmmm I'm making a dress/top right now. I'm really not sure what to put on it though. Maybe when I'm done with the outfit itself I'll post it up and ask for input.

For the next week and a half I have to wake up ridiculously early for driver's ed. I have to take it for cheaper insurance...but a week from this Friday I will be an official legal driver. yay And please don't make any stupid comments about "oh i better stay off the roads" I am a surprisingly very good driver. Well...except for my minor road rage...hehe. I'll have to fix that.

The Godfather is on Friday @ Dundee. $5 Please go. :) I don't remember who said they were going, if anyone did. Sorry. :( Sarah's birthday is Saturday. I might bring munchies Friday. :P

Well, I probably should go do something productive...like sew. :) Goodbye....I'm wearing my pink dress on Sunday at Lindy.

Jazz on The Green is Thursday. Please go. 7-9pm...it's free. :D

Sunday, July 9

illusion design website

It's not much, but for now it's good enough. I've been working on it all day, and it's about the best I can do for free. :) So...yep...that's all.
((click the image))
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Saturday, July 8

Olen oppi suomalainen!

If I wrote that correct it says "I am learning Finnish!" :) Yep, it's true I am. Although the book I rented from the library is missing it's audio, so I went on Amazon and bought a different book with a CD. So I won't be real great at this until I get that book. I was reading it a lot of the time at JNO tonight. I didn't really get it until I got to the pronunciation section. Why they do not put that at the beginning...who knows. Why am I learning Finnish? For three reasons, two I will tell you. [1] I want to go there on an extended vacation. [2] I want to do something...something difficult myself. I think that's what I am trying to say...It's not quite as hard as it looks, though. That's a good thing. Oh and I also want to learn a new language but NOT spanish. I despise mexicans with a passion, yeah I'm evil...I've already had 3 full years and not going into a 4th year of that bull. Why should I kiss the dirty sanchezes' asses, when are illegal and completely ignorant in all areas? Oh and they are creeps. (Not the good creep)

Okay...enough of that. So, apparently we did go somewhere after JNO...sorry Becky L. I lied. But it was Wal-Mart!! And just me and my sister....plus it's pretty far out here, i don't know if you would have wanted to join us. But I said, Hey let's go to Wal-Mart and buy something to eat for under $5!! I succeeded without knowing it. I bought 6 or 7 items for $4.72 , smooth. Very smooth. :) Wal-Mart at 1am is pretty fricking awesome. Besides workers in every isle to help you once they've noticed you've been in their isle for a good 20min just looking at all the fun ways to market food items, the music was really "raunchy" to Wal-Mart's day time standards ((hard rock)), and over the intercom someone called someone to Electronics in spanish. hahaha That was really weird.

So, tomorrow I'll be at the Bal-Swing workshop...hopefully I learn stuff and remember it. :)
How much does the Jazz & BLues Festival cost?? Anybody know?

Wednesday: Classes (Bal-Swing) yay
Thursday: Jazz on the Green 7-9p [[please come :(
Friday: THE GODFATHER (prt1) @ DUNDEE $5 :) :)

*becky m. for some reason my computer won't let me comment on/see your blog [i can read it through viewing the html page source haha]! :( i feel bad, but i thought i should let you know...it's just this computer, too. but i really really hope your puppy gets better very soon :( *

Friday, July 7


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Thursday, July 6

New item!!

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If it doesn't sell in a month, I'm keeping it for me!!! :) :) :) hehehe Even though I could definently use the extra money ((especially after discovering the wonderfully expensive, but very awesome, fabric at Joann's last night)) I think I'd rather have a super awesome creation of my own than money. :)

I'm working on a couple little handbags, too. One of them I'm using the little green bows, courtesy of Merinda. That handbag is going to be so fun...I'll probably be done with that...afternoon-ish tomorrow ((well, today now)).

I got an application for Hancock the other day, so hopefully I'll land a job there...but if I don't then my next option is Zio's...if still no job then I'll try my original place I was thinking about: Homer's. At least I know I sure wouldn't have a boring day at Homer's there's plenty of diversity coming in and out of there [saddle creek/downtown]. :) Yay diversity! haha

So, JNO tomorrow night? I really don't know if I will be there...maybe later on when it's free to get in...or maybe I will go, I think I do have a few dollars someplace...hmmm we'll see. I really do need to sew a ton, though. Apparently I'm selling my stuff at the state fair?!? I don't know it's all a blur.

Who could this be?!?

hehehe...guess who??
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Tuesday, July 4

Happy 4th!!

Wow, what a 4th of July! :) Two words: "Missouri Fireworks" hehehe My dad's buddy bought a ton back in March, and we got a bunch from him...It was quite awesome to say the least. Well...another new thing this year was that we finally had our first real firework mishap. I could've been in the hospital...maybe even all of us! :( [if you don't know what an artillery shell is don't worry about reading] So, my dad unwrapped an artillery shell to put in the tube and as he was doing this he put the shell in with the ball facing down...in my head I thought 'I really don't think that's right', but I took it set on the concrete and lit it. Walking away, there was a very bright flash and I knew something wasn't right. Well, the shell blew tube up and exploded on the ground and also set fire to a small bush....all because it was put in upside down. I should've spoken up, huh?

We have a ton of leftovers...it seems when you have too many fireworks you get overwhelmed and you don't know what to shoot next, so you ponder about it over a few roasted marshmellows and then you get too tired to shoot anymore. :) haha Well, I'm kind of exhausted...yeah, words I never utter...but I am, so I think I'm going to go to sleep...or sew...I have a cute top that's coming along great. It's too big in the upper area for me, though, so I may attempt to sell it on etsy or wait until the next JNO Arts/Crafts night...I bought a few pattern making books on eBay and I thought they were pure crap until I actually looked through them last night. They are really really helpful!!! I'm really excited... If anybody wants me to make them a skirt [for a price] let me know ((via email with hip&waist measurements: suzie-slobo@excite.com))! I think $25 is what I'll charge...I don't know, I haven't quite got the concept of pricing things. :
See you all Friday...maybe. I might not go for certain reasons, but I don't know...we'll see. :)

Monday, July 3

My stuff's at Etsy

My stuff is on etsy now...

Sunday, July 2

Games Galore!! :D

Well...this was sure a fun night. My sister and I just wrapped up a couple games of Memory, Sorry, and PayDay. God I love board games. :) hmm Chutes and Ladders is a lot of fun, too...I should play that soon. So, we were taking lots of pictures and little movies. But I'm just showing the pictures. The movies were hilarious, though. Especially the ones when we didn't know the camera was on.

I've decided I'm going to wear my pink dress tomorrow. Then walk around the Old Market and have people stare because one person looks different than them.

July 14th is The Godfather @ Dundee midnight movie. Please go and productively waste 3 hours or so of your life with me!! :) ((sarah's birthday is the 15th)) Pictures are below...
^That's the very old {it's the best} version of Sorry^
^These are my segregated cards for Memory ((once again the very old {it's the best} version)). Adorable ones to the left, ugly ones to the right :) ^^(left)Willie Nelson (right)Our mom^^It's Santa Claus....^
^....And Big Bird^

Saturday, July 1


So, I had a really fun night, despite the fact I was dripping with an embarrassing amount of sweat. I didn't go to the movie for many reasons, but the main one being: I didn't feel that great ((internally)). My heart/insides have been hurting a lot lately...I don't think it's anything serious...I'm assumming it is just because during the CWS I drank a good 4 Cokes a day...Let's hope it's because of that. :
Anyway...I've noticed that everything about me gets blown out of proportion/taken in the wrong context. It's really annoying, and I don't know if it's more my fault or other peoples'...((this doesn't apply to anyone reading this...I think I know basically who reads my blog...)) I don't know, maybe I should hibernate in a cave for a couple months and become really ugly and appauling. :) no, more like :( .

Eh...enough sappy stuff. July 14th, that's 2 fridays from now, is THE GODFATHER!!! :) :) SO, hopefully there will be air at JNO and people won't have to go home because they are disgusting. :) OMG I love the Godfather, I hope lots of people can go even though it'll be a good 3 hour movie. :\ Bye!! See everybody Sunday...