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Thursday, August 31

Update about Nothing

Ugh, I am sick, it's official...I don't not like being sick. It is kind of fun because then I don't get nagged on to do the dishes :) hehehe Well, I have to work tomorrow 4-10 and Saturday 12-8...I think I will go to JNO. But I may not be dancing unless you guys don't mind dancing with a sick person :) I talk through my nose with a croaky voice, I have a runny nose and a cough. And I sneeze a lot more than normal...Thank God for pocket sized Kleenex! I'm almost out, though. :( I don't think I look quite like rudolph yet...Anyway, I'm still going to the movie on Friday night regardless of any level of sickness.

Wednesday, August 30

It's the little things that make my day wonderful...Like someone acknowledging me and being happy to meet me. :) I wish there were more people like that...

Tuesday, August 29

Happy Birthday Blog!!!

My blog is one year old :) Isn't he cute! haha I think I'm coming down with something. I've been having this cough all day today and my throat hurts a little. ((Don't forget about Friday night, Rocky Horror))

Sunday, August 27

Me and Suzie had so Much Fun...

[ Crocodile Rock-Elton John...it has my name in it and apparently I wear my dresses tight ;) ]
So, I'm happy to say I had a very wonderful weekend. :) Last year was fun, too, but not as much because I was still in my little box...but this year was a blast, even though I only went to the dances and stayed until 2:30ish. ((Welcome to the wonderful world of having a job, Suzie)) haha Anyway, I had a blast tonight as well! It's been about a year and a half since I last went into a pool. Now, I can swim [just want to get that straight] I just don't really like [open] water, but apparently tonight was an exception, eh? I'm just waiting to use the shower, now...My eyes are killing me, dan chlorine. I successfully danced with every instructor except one, and that must've been...I think his name is David? Anyway, it was fun and I expanded my horizions by dancing with them and people from other places. Sarah and I like how the out of towners are basically "psycho" and "very energetic." Next year, there will definently be a hotel room for me (and whomever else) and a full weekend pass. Ahh I can't wait, maybe I'll get to feel as much pain as everyone else is complaining about!! :)

I'm sad to say I did not go and see Fight Club (or my ticket taker lover) at the Dundee BUT next week is the flipping Rocky Horror Picture Show!!!!! I will be there, not sure what day yet...I have to work Friday night AND Saturday all day...We'll see, and I'll let you know. I'm hoping a lot of you guys will come along :( It's a lot of fun and very interactive, but if you don't like transexual/transvesti stuff, I reccommend you don't go because you won't enjoy the movie in all it's fullness. Oh well, so anyway Friday, Sept 1 after JNO [at crieghton], PLEASE go to the movie!!! (YES I am VERY desperate, what do you want me to do to get you people to go?!?)

I got a lot more fabric Friday when I got off work. :) I definently do NOT need anymore fabric AT ALL!!! ((Unless someone requests something of course)) But seriously, since I have no real sewing room/studio sort of thing, I use my bedroom. Which isn't small, but it isn't big by any means...It's just normal; however, I have a nice 2' x 2' table in the way of everything, and bags and bags and boxes and boxes of fabric, sewing notions, and other random things. grrr I washed a lot of fabric I never knew I had today and oh my god it took about 7 loads of laundry...exactly. AND, it gets better, that's no where near all of my fabric. ha! Oh, one fabric I got the other day is a dark/deep/blood/vermillion red. :) I plan on making a shirt out of it and printing out a picture/design, and ironing it on. It's kind of obvious what it's going to be. Who's the only person I want "on me?" hehehe If you don't know, I'm really sorry but you're just stupid...actually nevermind, it could be a couple different answers. My apologies. :( Actually, I'm not 100% sure if I'm going to have him [Buble] on the shirt...Maybe I'll make two shirts. Is there going to be another arts & crafts night in the future? (Anybody know?)

I'm doing this thing with my paycheck...I get 'x' amount of money, and I take 1/3 of it to savings, 1/3 to checking, and 1/3 to my pocket. Although obviously it didn't quite work this time...and I think I may put a little more into the savings, because I don't need that much on me. I can find wonderful free things to do. :) I hope by doing this, it will help me (a) manage my money, (b) have money saved up for special things/events/future, and (c) not waste it on non necessary things that will be gone in seconds.

Thursday, August 24

What exactly does an 88lbs Bunny Look Like? *update*

*update at bottom*
Here's your answer...I would love a bunny that big!!! :)
Also, here's a cool link my dad sent me (leave you mouse on the nose and watch...)

*update* 11:45pm
So, surprise surprise. I have to work tomorrow from 4-10ish and Saturday 12-7. (I knew about Sat though) Well, I know how entirely unhealthy it is for anyone (and especially me) but I'm resorting to an obscene amount of Mt. Dew tomorrow morning, afternoon, and night. I have not prioritized my time well this past week, and because of that I've been dumped with an overload of homework, quizzes, and sewing for this girl (online). It's all due tomorrow, too. I've decided to go to bed now, wake up at 4:45am, shower, sew, do Physics and Marketing while watching Saved by The Bell, managed to stay awake on absurd amounts of caffine, drink more caffine, go to work, drink even more caffine, go to JNO, and maybe drink some more caffine, and then head over to after hours for a little bit. Think it will work?? I doubt it, but we'll see. If I get fired, the only thing I blame is this damn computer the stupid school thought would "help the education" psh. Education my ass....on a happier note, Jazz on the Green was LOTS of fun. I have a lot of pictures, and soreness haha, but I'll post the pictures a long time from now. I don't need any extra things to fuss over. :| I also need to find some money for Carol's Closet tomorrow night, I guess before that I should find some money to go to JNO and afterhours tomorrow night first haha...I think I have a lot of coins that need to be cashed in, so no worries there. Bye....

Tuesday, August 22

I have...

Agoraphobia. (fear of crowds) and I hyperventilate because of it. Fascinating isn't it?? I kept wondering why when I walk through the halls I can barely breathe and I can't take in breaths...Well, it's either agoraphobia or a "medical emergency." I'm hoping it's agoraphobia, because I don't want to go to a doctor and find out I'm really sick. :P So, I did a little test. Walked through the halls during a normal passing period (very hard to breathe), and then when the bell rang and very few people were around (sigh, I remember how to breathe!) Exciting post, huh?

I decided I may take a Shag class or two during Cowtown...

Sunday, August 20


So, you probably assume that this will be quite the happy post simply because there is a smile in the title, well...it's not really happy. But at the same time it's not too terrible. So, I guess a straight face would've been more appropriate. Oh well...So, I know it's been a week since I last posted, well I hate to break it to you I don't think I really like blogging too much. I've been talking a lot this week because I haven't blogged. You see, when I blog about everything, I won't talk to people because I just assume they've already read my blog, so who wants to hear about it again?? I'm not saying I won't post anymore, Just once in awhile...Chances of me actually sticking with that statement are very very low,, though, so don't get upset. :)

This week...very hectic. Not stressful, I don't get stressed too easily. Just pissed off...really pissed off. So I guess you could say this week was very pissful? pissy? full of pissiness? I don't know, but I started school, hate it. That is kind of a surprise, too. Believe it or not I actually had a little liking for school...ummm well, 3 years ago. High school sucks (to put it bluntly.) Too much immaturity, bitches, and stupidity at highschool. I was never informed three months ago that I had a huge assignment due the first day of school for a couple classes, I was forced into taking spanish 4 by the counseler, whom by the way is completely rude, my sewing class is annoying and boring because we are sewing paper. Yeah. Paper. "Follow the lines little girls, and oh this is how you thread the machine and bobbin. And look! When you press on the foot it magically sews!!" grr!!! I guess I should've expected it, though. But you have to take the first course to get to higher up classes. :( I did learn why my current sewing machine is broken. Apparently you aren't supposed to turn the wheel away from you because it screws the gears up inside. Why wasn't I informed of this before? The instrustion book probably says it, too bad I'm impatient and didn't read them...I wonder where they are anyway? Instrustion books are important. I never knew that...That's probably the same way my serger "broke"...I didn't read how to thread it, so I thought I was hot shit and did it myself and then it wouldn't "serge". Maybe I'll learn my lesson one day. Anyway, back to the classes, I have to down grade to a lower Am. Lit. class, and drop spanish...On a brighter side, I finally understand how to do factors!! haha It only took me...5 years. :) Maybe this will mean I finally have a good math teacher?? I love my Psychology class and Marketing class....At the beginning of October DECA is going to WOF...I've never been on a roller coaster in my life, so I'm excited to go. And it'll be 10x more fun because I'll be on it alone!! :) (I'm not being sarcastic...you get more of a thrill when you go on scary rides alone because it's more risky and daring)

My job...it's okay. Today was my first day of actually working. I screwed up big time when I was writing down fleece prices after I cut people's fabric...I thought every fleece was $2 off, apparently not. Well, at least I'm not fired. But I did do plenty of straightening up. My favorite thing to do. :) And working there has an even better side! I found TONS of fabric I'd never seen before (like knit PRINTS) Oh I had fun once I got off work!! haha I will take pictures and post the awesome fabrics sometime. I pretty much blew what would've been today's paycheck. haha Why pay me?? I'll just be giving it right back. :)

I worked 7 hours today, and when I got off I went right over to the Lindy Bomb. Which was lots of fun, and I have pictures...ask if you want to see them or maybe I'll even post them. I finally ate dinner/lunch at 10:15 courtesy of Zio's, which by the way is my favorite place...(13th Howard). My dad and I go there at least once a week, so 3 of the workers know us and know what we want, so we barely wait for our food & drinks. :) They're so nice there, maybe I'll get them to come to JNO! :) haha Who knows...I thought I'd make out "waiter" feel useful, so I drank every glass of Cherry Coke that he brought...which was 4, 5 including the to-go one. Ugh, I'm feeling better now. But wow, that's a lot of pop. They want me to try the Oreo Cream Bar, I've always wanted to, so I think on Thursday I'm going to get that along with "the usual"...You know I've never tried that Crunchy Taco thing at Taco Bell yet. The one on 40ish and Dodge is open 24hours. Was it always?? I don't remember it being 24hrs. hmm...

I know, this is a long post. But you should've expected it. I swear I'm dislexic (sp). You have no idea how many times I've switched letters around in this post. (I caught them all...I hope) I do that ALL the time wih numbers, too. I just realized you cannot sew and have a sucker at the same time...it's too hard to concentrate. haha mmmm sour apple blow pops...Oh more exciting news!!! hahaha :) I have added another skirt to the "Underwear Showing" Collection. [I think there are 5 total] Yeah, I'm well aware there are a few skirts I have that my underwear is shown in, and to tell you the truth....I really do not care. I don't do it on purpose, but I don't like wearing shorts, and I like the skirt, so I wear it. I don't have any clean skirts, so I think this new addition to the collection will have to be worn tomorrow at Lindy...if I'm able to go. And if I'm able to go, there'll be some powdered donuts, mmm. Apparently I'm not supposed to eat the whole bag myself...I think my parents said it was bad for me?? hmm Who knows. :) Hope you enjoyed reading this ridiculous post of crap. I'm going to go continue my sewing and sucker sucking. Email me if you are up, it's fun to talk to people.

Sunday, August 13


I don't know why I am up so early. I kept waking up at 6a, 7a, 8a, and now I'm up. :( I had a really great weekend, the party was loads of fun. :) I have a lot of "work" to do, too. [sewing] I've been getting quite a few requests for stuff. One request is for a men's shirt!!! ((gasp)) haha We'll see how that goes. I need a new sewing machine, too...I've trashed the one I have; too many smashes against the wall...it happens. :)

I finished the Mary Higgins Clark book I was reading a day or two ago. As always, a great book...unfortunately I have no more of her books to read, so I'm going to the Antiquarium after Lindy in the Park. In the mean time I attempted to start reading Hamlet last night. Wow, big no no at night and after a party...I think my stomach is telling me it's hungry. So, I'm going to go eat and try and waste the next 3 hours the best I can.

School starts tomorrow, well not really...tomorrow and Tuesday are "intro days" starting at 1pm. Oh and the people who were at Lindy were my uncle and his son (my cousin) from Arizona. They are in this week...only once every year do they come up. :(

{{i listed ALL the midnight movies even for the ones i'm not interested in, so someone else can see and be interested}}

Thursday, August 10

Interview [[updated]]

Yep, I have an interview at Hancock [84th] at 5:00! :) I know it doesn't necessarily mean I get the job, but I'm hopeful...

Hell yeah bitches!! I got the job at Hancock. :) Tuesday I go in for training for a little bit...and then I'm not sure when exactly I start. But whatever...oh and whomever called my phone while I was in the interview, that was very rude. I'm not sure if it was anyone who reads this, though. Well, that's all...See people tomorrow.


So, I re-took the quiz (45 questions) and got Raiders of The Lost Ark...apparently I live for adventure, fortune-hunting, and danger....I don't know about the fortune part. I do like looking for [and taking] lots of coins around the house, but I hardly think that counts. I just finished making a skirt for myself. It's pretty cool and different...it's a mini skirt, too, which is weird because I haven't worn minis in years. It doesn't ride up, so I can dance in it. I was going to put up a picture, but instead I'll just wear it Friday and post a picture before I leave. Oh, and I have someone coming on Friday [to JNO not the lindy bomb]. Not the same person I invited awhile back...I volunteer with this guy, and one of these colder days I'll be starting to play paintball with him and whomever else he plays with. I've always wanted to get huge welts and bruises from paintballs. That's not sarcastic...Well, I don't know why I'm posting...Don't forget to go to Jazz on The Green...lots of people only go when the Jitterbugs have some event. Oh well, it makes the normal Jazz on The Green days "intimate"...I've been going to bed around 5:30am these past couple weeks, so I think to save my health I should try and get to sleep a little earlier...chances of that happening are slim, though...

Wednesday, August 9


I got this from Becky's blog...I took the 9 question test, so I guess that explains the complete inaccuracy. It is cool, though, that I got The Godfather...Oh and there's an awesome online radio station everyone WILL love, I promise. If I'm wrong, well too bad. It's kablradio.com, it's been playing non stop on our computer for well over a week now. :)

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is on tonight. 7pm TCM

**Midnight movie is Nightmare Before Christmas, please go!**

Sunday, August 6

Last Week...

Yep, it's the last week of sitting around and slacking all day...not sure how I feel about that, but after about the first two or three weeks of school, I should have a good organized way of maintaining school and fun stuff. I'm a responsible person, I'll always find some time to get what I need done. Although, I'll finally be back in my AP classes, after a year and ahalf away...I'm just a tiny bit worried about how that'll go...oh well...

I've finally gotten an opportunity to watch The Godfather part 2 un-cut and commercial free (courtesy of TCM). So far the movie is pretty much the same as watching it with commercials except the cuss words aren't censored, and I've seen this court scene so many times so I thought it'd be a great time for a break. I'm not 100% sure whether I like part 1 or 2 better...They are both excellent movies, but different in their own way. I think part two is a lot less violent than part 1...it's kind of a let down. haha I like the part when Kay tells Michael she didn't have a mis-carriage, and she aborted the baby. Then Michael doesn't let her near any of the kids. Lots of drama and tension...the end of the movie is sad though...

This weekend was a lot of fun. I don't feel like going into detail, it was just a lot of fun...too many strangers say they like my hair and take pictures of it...it's getting annoying. I think my hair is hair, everyone's is different and mine really isn't that fabulous. I suppose different people have different taste. I'm growing it out a little so I can chop it in some different way...

Saturday, August 5


I was getting ready to go to the fabric store before Jitterbugs, and before I left I was wanting to finish a skirt for my sister. Well, I never finished...I was walking around looking for something, and ow. I stepped on a pin. Yeah, it went about 1/2 way in my toe and hurt like hell. I just wanted it out, but I couldn't get it myself...yeah well, thanks to my mom it's out. I'm just glad it was me and not my precious puppy. :( It hurt to walk on for awhile, but when I got to JNO and danced a couple times, it got better. :) It still hurts a little, but it's a ton better....

Hmm...I'm still contemplating whether to go to the lindy bomb tomorrow or the Venaculas concert. The concert is free and last year was a blast despite the fact there wasn't any moshing or surfing allowed...but then again dancing is a lot of fun...I don't know, I guess it wouldn't hurt to wait and pay for a concert...We'll see. I probably will end up being there, because I have to be down there that night anyway.

I saw a commercial for a Nacho Crunchy Taco at Taco Bell today and thought it looked pretty good. I haven't ate Taco Bell in sooo long because of the bad experiences with the food...but I'm kind of thinking I may just have to try it sometime.

I'm glad the air was back on at JNO, I didn't mind it that much. As long as I'm having fun, I don't care if I sweat...but the air is nice. :) You know, I wish there was someplace to swing dance every day...in places like Chicago and California there's somewhere to dance every night. But I guess we don't have a large enough crowd to have dancing every night...it'd still be fun, though. I'm going to Chicago in a month or so. I've never flown on a plane before...so if I do end up going to NY next summer, then I will not be so afraid to fly alone.

Tomorrow...well, today...is a Humphrey Bogart theme on Turner Classic. Click for the schedule. Unfortunately they aren't playing Casablanca...but To Have and Have Not is somewhat like it...but then again no, they don't match up...I think I'm going to go make another attempt at sewing that skirt. Maybe I'll wear shoes, so there's no chance of getting injured again.

Wednesday, August 2

bleeping bleep bleep

I am so pissed off!!! Some damn little bitch on eBay continues to outbid me on the poofy petticoat I was really looking forward to winning!!! Unfortunately now it's way too high for me, so I just have to watch as the precious petticoat is won by someone else. Oh well...maybe I'll get lucky and find one very very similiar...On a positive note about eBay, I'm making quite the profit. :) Mostly on an old pair of shoes...apparently their a "hot item." Sure they are cute, but I didn't pay near as much as how much the bidding is at now for them. I'm not complaining, though....I think I post too much. I'm going to stop...

Oh exciting news! haha I found a laptop for only $300 and it comes with a free printer!! Can you even believe that? Wow...My dad and I are probably going to get it sometime this week. (It's at CompUSA is you're interested...)

I've been working on a dress for 3 hours now, and I don't really want to stop, but I figured I should attempt to get more sleep because I have a busy day tomorrow. (mostly babysitting my nephew...I'm kind of liking him a little more now) The dress I'm working on is going to be adorable!! I can't wait until I get it done...although it looks more like a fall/winter dress...I'll probably still wear it in the summer. I never wear "summer appropriate clothes. I think I'm in denial of the weather. haha But I never get too terribly hot outside(unless dancing) it's weird because other people who are wearing less clothes are hotter than me wearing more clothes...hmm. Of course I do get stared at because of that...I wore knee-highs, wool skirt, and long sleeve shirt and oh my did many stare...haha How did I get on this topic??

My stomache feels funny and I didn't even eat much freak foods, interesting...I have to wake up early tomorrow, and I want to read for at least an hour...I love thrift stores.

Tuesday, August 1


Wow...it's August. In 14 days I will be in school 8-3...crazy, huh?? This summer kind of lasted forever...Maybe it's just me. I've been reading the book I got this weekend for the past hour...as much as I didn't want to put it down, I had to I'm getting tired and this headache I've had all day doesn't help. Anyway the book is called Loves Music, Loves to Dance...it seems like all of Mary Higgins Clarks's books relate to me in some way. Well, not all. I haven't read them all...but the ones I've read do. For example, in the book I'm reading now, the girl that was murdered's birthday is March 12...ring a bell?? One book has the main character's name "Suzanne"; some have the plot or character kind of match with me...Weird, huh??

I think this week might be a good week. It started off very well, why wouldn't the rest be the same? I found $11 at one of those self check-outs at Wal-Mart earlier. I feel a little bad for taking it, but then again I guess it's what people do...a year ago I left some bills at one of those things because I couldn't find where the cash came out, apparently someone took it...There's a petticoat on eBay I bidded on...It is so cool and poofy. I believe it's not too see through, so I can wear it as a skirt...a really interesting skirt.

I don't think I told many people...but I've decided that I want to be a CSI or a Criminal Psychologist. This isn't just some random 'hmm I think I'll be this today.' No, I've been thinking for a long time. I think it fits me, I mean I love watching those crime tv shows, unsolved mysteries, CSI, and when Criminal Minds used to be on I loved that. I wouldn't just give up fashion designing, though. I'd keep doing that on the side...It's not really official. I haven't looked into it and seen what you need to study for it, right now I just think it'd be an awesome and well suiting job. What do you think?

I always thought I did know what I wanted to do after highschool...but now I really don't think I know. I so badly want to go to Finland/Ireland/Sweden/Scotland...but I also really want and need to go to college...but I have no clue where I'm going to college now, because I'm not 100% for sure what I want to major in. Before it was easy, fashion design with a minor in marketing, but now I think I may want to go into the Forensics...and that's a completely different college! Grr I really need to decide...even if I do have lots of time, I like to have some idea of what I'm going to do...

((midnight movies are listed in the sidebar! i'll also post reminder when it gets closer)) [i thought i'd warn ahead so more people can plan on going to one or all]