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Sunday, April 30

Midnight Movie

This Friday's midnight movie is...Rocky Horror Picture Show!! :) $5 12am...Oh and a gay guy told me to bring a water gun, newspaper, and toast. I'm not sure why, because I've never seen this movie...I'm excited though!!

Tuesday, April 25


I'm not feeling well this week at all, since Sunday...so I probably won't post or see anyone until Friday or Saturday.

**Friday**Midnight Movie is "The Princess Bride" and I will be there, regardless of whether I'm at Jitterbugs or not.

**Saturday**7pm(?)-10ish at 11th and Jones Aroma's European Coffee Shop is having a grand opening and I was told by someone that dancers are encouraged to come and brighten up the place...Dan told me about it, and that's all I know. I will be there.

Oh and my presentation went very very well. They all loved my creative and unique computer skills...that's great...
I'm applying for a job during CWS to work in the parking lots. Hopefully I get the job...I need job experience.

Monday, April 24

Monday nights

I will be at the Meeting Place tonight for the Big Band music 7-9pm. Dancing?...eh maybe, but I got a lot of work to do on my presentation. I am a slacker if you didn't know. I love last minute!! :)

Sunday, April 23

Life Hints for the Intellectual Soul

((don't' ask about the title...it's late...))
**So, my weekend has been phenomonal!! :) It all really started at Earth Day...what an excellent time I had. Got a lot of neat stuff, heard great bands, listened and supported great causes...For those of you whom I did not tell, I also ordered a recycling bin! :) I'm excited to receive it!! Jitterbugs tonight...or I should say "last night"...was very interesting. I did like it small and intimate, but I was insane!! I don't know what was up, but I was very very outgoing and loud. That's cool, though, it happens often...but not always...afterwards, a few of us went to Caffine Dreams. I filled out an application, so everybody PLEASE hope that I get that job!! :( My choices are running slim to none!

*There is a job I know I'll be doing during CWS...working parking lots...hey, if it pays well, I'll do it! I don't know if many know, but I'm desperately trying to save up to go to New York next summer for "summer fashion school." It is all summer, so sadly, I will miss SOO much dancing...but I will be experiencing an excellent opportunity for my future. :) That's the bright side to that.

*Well, I must go type up my poems that I will be submitting into contests tomorrow. :) Maybe I'll actually win one of these contests! It would be an EXCELLENT jump start to my New York summer savings!! ;) If you'd like me to post them, let me know!

Friday, April 21


Hmm...there is quite a lot to write about. I won't go into too much, though.

**I haven't felt very well this afternoon, I'm not sure why. One possible explanation, would be the fact that I ate 3 pieces of slightly moldy bread. Yeah, sick and unfortunate I know. I didn't even realize it until my mom was about to eat some...ugh.

**I will be at Jitterbugs tonight ((and tomorrow night)), but later in the evening. I don't think I will be going to the midnight movie. Reasons: (1)seen it 10x (2)saving energy for Earth Day....Yeah, those of you fortunate enough to not be going to those workshops, should definently go to Earth Day.

**For the past two days I've been played 2-hand touch (that turns into tackle) football. Yesterday was in a skirt, and that was very fun, not the first time, but still just as fun. I was hit in the eye with an elbow yesterday, and today I slammed into someone and hurt my nose. hehe Football is so fascinating, with running, jumping, shoving, hitting, grass-stains, mud, bruises and blood. :) I have a huge addiction to being a tomboy...but at the same time I'm such a girly girl. My dad noted that I was quite similar to "Gidget" (if you haven't seen the movie...what a shame). I enjoy my girlish tomboy personality. I know there are plenty who frown upon me, but what difference do they make to me? :)

**Don't you just love it when you think you know someone so well, and then you find out surprising information?? I love it...Maybe it's because of my natural curiousity. Here's some "surprising" information about me: I've got my future planned out. Solid? I hope so...but things can change in an instant. Most people my age, or even a little older, have no idea or even any thoughts about their future. I'm proud of myself...I'm hoping to go to New York ((last resort is Chicago)) for Fashion Design College...then I'm heading off to Seattle. Yes, Seattle. Shocker?? Shouldn't be. I do not like the sun/heat/tornadoes. What better place than Seattle? :) During all this, I will most likely be continuing swing dancing. That is if I continue through the rest of my high school years.

**I'm hoping that next Friday at least one of my "friends" will come. (all my friends are guys, so no guy wants to dance that bad) Although, one of my friends were so close to coming to Lindy in the Park & Dark! So, there is potential there...

This is all for now...I'm probably going to sleep, so if you know my # don't call me!!! :| See most tonight.

Wednesday, April 19

Back to...normalcy?

Well, things are looking somewhat better in the realm of school. ((mainly that damn project)) Thanks to the many who contributed. My final decision is to simply tape me dancing Charleston this Friday night.
Once again, I will not be sleeping until much later. I wouldn't be surprised if I got fatally ill from sleep deprivation.
Maybe one of these days I will actually make something out of the heaps of fabric laying about my room...that may make me feel accomplished, like a failure, or annoyed. All depends on the final project. I have so many ideas, I suppose the hardest step is actually starting. ..

Sunday, April 16


I'm in a major major crisis right now!! I'm hoping someone can help! I need (1) male lead who knows quite a bit of Charleston (Basics, Tantom, and w/e else) to come dance 1 or 2 songs with me. I'm doing a presentation for a class, and I'm having absolutely no luck finding a lead! :( It's devasting that something so simple can turn out to be completely impossible!

Here's some info:
My school is on 15656 Fort St, AND I AM OFFERING TO PAY GAS TO AND FRO!!!! (That's my bribe :D ) My teacher said that my presentation can be whatever day my guest is available. BUT it needs to be presented by April 28th. The class is at 1:45pm. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!! :(

((I've already asked Billy, Greg, and Chris. None of them really ever talked to me about it again, so I'm taking that as a no...))

Saturday, April 15


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You know you need to do your laundry when...the only comfy/pj pants you have to sleep in are jeans. :) Sadly, that's the situation I'm in at this moment.

Tonight's Midnight Movie was a mere success! haha Three lovely people (5 including me and my dad) went to see Monty Python and The Holy Grail. What did I think? Interestingly Funny. I enjoyed it, and probably would enjoy it even more if people were not reciting the whole movie! grr lol

*REAR WINDOW* Once again, $5 Dundee Theatre. I'm not 100% sure if I'll be there yet. I've seen it sooo many times...

Monday, April 10

Friday Night...April 14th

Monty Python and The Holy Grail...Midnight Movie at Dundee Theatre 50th and Dodge. $5!!! PLEASE GO!!!! TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!! Thanks Bye.

Sunday, April 2


Friday night after Jitterbugs at midnight at Dundee Theatre "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" is playing! Try and tell a lot of people!! It's only $5!!

I'll be going every Friday until about mid-June...so maybe we can make it a weekly thing! :)

Don't forget to spread the word!!!

Monday nights

Monday nights at the Meeting Place Coffeehouse (on 13th/12th and Howard) there is the Bluffs Big Band. They play excellent dance-able music! From 7-9pm. Every Monday in April and May. ((FREE)) Hope to see you there! :)

Thought Provoking

Here's a blog entry from someone. It's so thought-provoking...moving...and so much more:

life can change

a few nights ago, a note fell out of my journal. i'd scribbled it down months ago, but it must've come back to remind me that life . can . change .

1. You are over.
2. It's not beauty if it breathes.
3. Remain calm.
4. Break her heart.
5. Art = Fake.
6. me too.
7. Youth is still happening.
8. It matters. All of it.
9. I wish she would.
10. Breathe...for the next 3 minutes.

yours (for now),