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Saturday, September 30


I had a wonderful time at the Renassaince fair today...got really acquaintted with fellow rennies in my group. Interacted with a lot of other people there. A lot of funny funny things went on...and plenty of innuendos...oh man...so much fun. There was a girl there who was named 'Scarlet Hartlet' and she was very very pretty and her outfit was very cute. (in my terms) Me and another girl got her to do something to one of the guy's in our group (he has freaking NATURAL fangs!!!!!)...haha...So, what I'm trying to get at is that she is my idol. What she did/does, and the way she does it is awesome. SO that's why I've stopped to get some fabrics...I'm going to make a little 'wentchy' pirate outfit. :) It's going to be HOT! I'm so excited, and my name is going to be Bridgette (bri{like brick 'i'}-sh{like a z/j sound}eet) zzzssshh Yeah, soultrious, eh?

I also got a new ssewing machine tonight. And I also think I might have to go to the homecoming at my school. :( :\ I guess in the end it is my choice, eh?
But seriously, unless I'm on some kind of high...I will not be grinding or 'gettin' low' or whatever they do. I like to actually dance. :) I should go get to my sewing...bye...

Friday, September 29


Okay, so I am super glad it's Friday. This week seemed to drag on forever!!! It wasn't a horrible week, just a super busy never ending week of everything. My brother's birthday was yesterday, and we had a small party with my brother and his wife and little kid. ((April 30 something really bad is going to happen to me.)) So I felt the need to avoid my large project due today...but I got it done while I watched CSI....fell asleep while writing my paper, and when I woke up, apparently the screen never went black, so I thought I burned the image of my paper into the screen...but I didn't. :) What else about this week? Well, I've become 10x smarter (in my own eyes) I finally grasped the concepts of one of my physics problems! Yes, and I didn't give up when I couldn't get the right answer, I cussed and talked to myself until I figured out how to get the right answer. :) I'm so proud of me! I just might succeed at something in the future...hmmm I'm working on a dress...a dress I started about a month ago, not done. Almost, though. Just need to add a little lace part because straps weren't working out.

You know what I think is hilarious? When people don't know crap about you and would never suspect or even believe that about you. It cracks me up...I'm Feelin' Good, too Michael. :* Anyway, no more on that topic...unless you're absolutely dying for me to explain, but then once I do you'll wish I didn't. :) Sooo I'm energized with espresso right now....Actually just about everyday this week I have been. Three Shots. Yep...Three. It would work/make me a lot worse (hyper) if I actually had some amount of sleep.

I'm excited to be going to Atlanta...I don't think anyone else is going besides me (from Omaha) but I'm going to have so much fun!! (first plane ride) haha Yeah....I'm sooo excited to dance tonight!!! I've been waiting for SO long...ha not really, but I'm going through withdrawls...not really that either...I just didn't get to dance on Monday and it's screwing up my week...I have to work tonight, and then I think I'm stopping at Zio's, so I'll be at JNO around 10-1030, and then prepare to dance, because I want and need to....see you all tonight!!! :) :)

**you don't NEED to vote anymore, I think I have an idea of what to make now...but you can still vote, maybe it'll persuade me to actually make it...Graduate is the midnight movie...Don't think I'll be there. I have to go to Souix City at 9a...but i might, I'm not sure.**

Tuesday, September 26


What types of things you'd be interested in for the next art/craft night...I have a ton of idea already...but just wondering what else to make...Want to know something funny, too? I just figured out one of the best things about volunteering at a hospital is: sucking in helium and talking funny. Never done it before, until today. Sad, I know.

What would you like to see?

Other (please specify)

Monday, September 25


For the haunted house...Really, just about any day will work for me. Except Oct 19-22 (and I still have work on the 1st 12p-6p, 2nd 4p-10p, 7th 11a-8p)...sooo whatever the majority says. I was thinking the Ranch of Terror (Bellevue Berry Patch)...It's $15 for the house and hayrack ride, and I think that also includes the other things listed under them...it's a little confusing to me, but there's a website: ranchofterror.com I should've mentioned they are only open Fri/Sat/Sun....

Weekend was a lot of fun...my ankle is bruised bad. :(

Just wondering, anyone thinking about going to Atlanta for swing workshops? I'm about 90% sure I am going...it'd be cool if other people came, too. :)

Thursday, September 21

Not Real

I really should be doing homework, but since I'm a procrastinator, I can't do my homework. Actually, it's more that I'm disctracted...too terribly distracted. I started homework 3hours ago, and nothings done...oh well, so I don't really know how I feel right now. I just found out that one of my friends is off in boot camp preparing for the army. I remember him and a few others talking about the army, but I never thought any of them were serious...wow. In a way I'm happy for him, because he knew what he wanted to do with his life and is going through with it....but another part of me, a much larger part, is just so sad and angry. I haven't talked with him in over a year and I'd feel so much better if I could just say goodbye and hug him for one last time.

This is pointless, because no one's going to go with me, but if anyone would like to go to Mystery Manor (18th & Cummings), Haunt (73rd & Blondo), and/or The Ranch of Terror (Bellevue)...please let me know. They are all under $20...and I'd rather not go by myself.


Monday, September 18


Willie Nelson and four others were issued misdemeanor citations for possession of narcotic mushrooms and marijuana after a traffic stop Monday morning on a Louisiana highway, state police said.

The citations were issued after a commercial vehicle inspection of the country music star's tour bus, state police said in a news release.

"When the door was opened and the trooper began to speak to the driver, he smelled the strong odor of marijuana," the news release said. A search of the bus produced 1 1/2 pounds of marijuana and 0.2 pounds of narcotic mushrooms, according to state police.

Sunday, September 17


*A rep. from Parsons is at school Monday! :)*

So, this Cowboys/Redskins game is intense. I'm proud to say I got to see the redskins first receiving touchdown in 13 years. The weekend in a nut shell...the week was insane and hectic, not to mention tiring...Well, I "finished" the dress...made it presentable, and a lot of people commented it, too many times....And yes, I will post a picture...I got sunburned, sick because of the sun/lack of sleep/lack of food, immediately after returning from the faire I went to Carter Lake for the Husker game...I never realized how low the water really was!! It's sad, but peoples' boats are still in the "dock." Did anyone see that that USC guy's leg, it was gruesome. At first I thought it was the whole part below the knee was broke, but it was just the ankle...The ankle would hurt bad, but I think that breaking it from the knee down would kill....The storm made me a little stressed, because I wasn't at home and according to the ignorant weathermen it was right where I lived...nothing happened, but Carter Lake's streets were covered with a good two-three inches of rain and it wasn't fun driving through the water...

I wasn't at Lindy, if you didn't notice...I had to work, it wasn't too bad, but I really wish I could've been outside in the awesome cold weather....hopefully there will be some people there tomorrow night to dance with. I don't have to work on Friday, so I'll be there relatively early...And I'll be at the Saturday dance 13th and Jones...it's free. Last time was pretty fun...not much else to say. Here's the picture of my dress...there is a slit in the center, so that the gold underskirt is seen when I walk/move...this was before I left...I was pissy and tired. :)

Saturday, September 16


I am finished. Ugh finally...sadly, this weekend (including monday) is still packed and busy, busy...I just want to sleep, now...and eat, too. :( The only way I finished is by "cheating" on the hems and stuff...I made the under shirt in no time...although it would look 100x better with sleeves, it isn't going to happen. THese eyes can't stay open for much longer...Another sad note, I will NOT be at Lindy Sunday because I have to work 12-6. Yeah, I know...I have been contemplating quitting for awhile, and after hearing Michael tell me he was "Feeling Good" twice at my workplace, I thought maybe I should stay, but no too much stuff/friction for me to be able to stay there...now where to work?? I'll probably stick it out through the rest of this year...What's worse, getting fired or quitting? See maybe a few of you Monday, and the rest of you on Friday....grr it seems so far away! But, good news there, I don't have to work on Friday! :) Yay I get all my dancing in.....Okay, I'm going to get a good two hours of sleep in, now...Hope your lives are going a hell of a lot better than mine!

Monday, September 11

haha ((update 10pm))

hahaha! Screw yesterday's ending!!! I'm in a fricking awesome mood today!!!! :) :) :) I haven't felt this happy in years...Hope everyone else is, too....if you're not I hope with all my might that it gets better.

I had a great time at the Meetin Place. For the most part it got my mind off of things...hehehe Husky...I never would've thought it!! Awesome, though. I must say I was a little happier than before. I went to the Woodmen afterwards and saw the two lights and the flag...touching, expecially with the music....You know, I'm wondering why my day cannot stay good all day or bad all day. It's very unpleasant...I have sooo much to do and I have virtually no time, but my sleep time. Even if I would have used my "free time" "wisely" it wouldn't have helped. I wouldn't call it stress, because deep down I really don't care. ((remember I'm going to be a "bum" who wastes what little money they have on cigarrettes haha)) Well, I think the correct term is...overwhelmed, it has nothing to do with me not prioritizing very well, either....I don't really know why it has come to this. Who thinks I can make and finish my renaissance dress by Sat 9am?? Keep in mind, the only time I'll have to sew is Tues 7p-?, Wed 1p-? (I get out early), and maybe Thurs. 10p-?...I have to volunteer Tues. 4-7, work Thurs. 4-10, work Fri. 4-10...Exactly....hmmm...I've been thinking about bringing my supplies to school and working on it in the sewing room, but I don't know if I could...plus I still haven't' bought my damn thread. ((or a few other things)) Anyway, I really have to cut this short because I have sooo much to do and my hours of sleep are rapidly decreasing....Thank God they invented Mt. Dew and MDX (it's THE worst thing I could ever do, but if it's necessary...) There are a few things I can probably put off, but not too much...grrr I have to write out what I'm going to say for a group presentation that I have no idea what my stuff is about....I'll most likely have to bullshit it all..ahh, I need to go. Please email me or something if you are online between now and 2a/3a. You may just be that little bit of hope I need. :\ I'm wearing my pink poofy dress Friday. I'll have to change at JNO, but I'm wearing it...that's something to look forward to...*whimpers*

Reminder and Stuff...

So....I took those gauges out...I decided I'm not ready to let go of my sacred paper clips...ummm yeah, I wondered why there wasn't any blood when I put them in, but there's blood now...it's a lot more than I expected. hmm The hole is bigger. For how long I don't know...but I don't care. Another day I may try again. These paper clips are dear to me, probably because no one else does it... :) Anyway, I had a great day to start out with, but then it quickly turned into a shitty day after Lindy [I agree with you BeckyL, smaller crowd was A LOT more fun :)] and Zio's...in general, I had to go over to someone's house to work on a project due Tues. and they were all annoying little bitches. grr I finally got fed up and said if it won't impact your grades I could care less about my part....and left. Sometimes I just cannot contain my bitchiness. It's really late, and I was working on my renaissance dress ((due Sat)) which frustrated the hell out of me...and then I wasted some time, and now I'm here blogging about a bunch of bull. :\ TOMORROW!!! is BIG BAND at the MEETING PLACE 7-9...if you are doing nothing but watching TV, please come!! :) [[you can always tape the football game, or just watch the highlights :)]]

Friday, September 8


MONDAY!! For those of you not busy, the meeting place (12th & Howard) is having an AMAZING big band...this will be their "opening night!" 7-9
It's probably pointless writing this, I think maybe one person who doesn't read this blog will actually be there, oh well...It's worth a try. :\

Thursday, September 7

The Drafted Post...

I was thinking about making a new layout for my blog. (No, I didn't make this one) I don't know, I'm kind of sick of those flowers. They should be dried up and dead by now. haha I have a couple really good ideas, and I'm going to keep a few of the features of this layout, the faded parts where the text is...Well, I guess you'll just have to keep coming back to find out. :) Oh and yes, I finally got my laptopl fixed. I hate macs. Bill Gates should murder the creator and become a wonderful user-friendly monoply that would eventually turn into a dictatorship because everyone use computers and he could program it to mess with our heads and worship him and do what he says. ahh That's probably why monopolies are illegal, eh?

I wrote a poem-sih thing...I'm not going to post it, though. I would, but nah I'll post it on the secret blog. I don't want to post it for several reasons, but one main one is that I don't make my work "public"...viewable by others unless it's one I'd really like to share...which that doesn't happen unless I really want to, and it's just itching at me. I have notebooks and notebooks full of these "poems" not the same theme as this one, but I'm in love with so many of them, but it's kind of like they are my clothes. If you see where I am going with this...so, generally no one will read much of my stuff unless (a) they are super special or (b) I die.

Anyway, so I went to the mall where this kid said the tapers (I think that's what they are called...kind of like gauges only different) are and I found them, and asked the guy how much they were, the kid told me $15 a piece and that's why he only bought one...BUT this creepy foreign guy said, "for you 2/$15" There wasn't much I could do to stop the huge smile from appearing on my face. haha At least I kept myself from giggling. My god those little shops in the middle of the mall isles are filled with those types of people it's hilarious!! Well, I told him I'd be back on Saturday...hehehe

I'm so glad it's Friday. This week was so damn long to me!! grr Have you ever done something without noticing, and then when you do notice you're kind of like "what the hell?" Just had one of those moments....I have too much on my mind to be blogging, sorry. See you all tonight, though and hopefully work won't be too terribly much...

Monday, September 4

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I'm just taking opinions, doesn't mean I'll actually do what you think I should...((you can vote more than once))

What career should I choose
What career should I choose?

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Sunday, September 3

Another :)

((I'm putting up Jitterbug pics later tonight from today, jazz on green, etc..))
I had a great Sunday for the most part. I wish I could've gone to Septemberfest! It looked so cool and there were rides there that I've only seen in Roller Coaster Tycoon! haha Yes, I am theme park deprived. I've only been to Adventureland and that was soo long ago. I have never been on a roller coaster, either. Only those portable thrill rides at the Taste Of Omaha...((Oct 15 I'm going to WOF by myself, though!)) Anyway, I'm hoping to go to Sept. fest tomorrow with Sarah...I think it is a good thing I didn't go, I probably would've thrown up because I just ate a lot of pizza. I don't get nausea easily, but I'm sure if I had just eaten, something would've happened. The Zio's guy filled my purse with mints! :) Everytime we've been there (for the past couple weeks) they haven't had mints, so he gave us a good 4 handfuls.

What else...oh, a fairly good old friend contacted me recently. He was seriously going to go to Linday in the Dark with me last year, but had a good excuse not to. He's weird, well...not really. Just freaking tall and we have the same interest in creepy things...haha Speaking of which, oh nevermind maybe I shouldn't post it...maybe I will. Well, I'll think about it, but I made some yummy brownies with icing on them and put a 'lovely' little note on them warning people not to eat them. :) I do that a lot with 'my' food..each note a little different. Yeah, I will post a picture of it, it's my blog if you don't like what I post stop reading it. It's that simple...
I took this quiz courtesy of BeckyL...to get the link go to her blog.

My primary love language is probably
Physical Touch
with a secondary love language being
Quality Time.

Complete set of results

Physical Touch:
Quality Time:
Acts of Service:
Words of Affirmation:
Receiving Gifts:

Saturday, September 2

Quick Note..

Rocky Horror Picture Show was even better than last time...We did the Time Warp in the isles hehehe. And another surprise, Carol was there! The film broke and I was sitting there looking around; I said "Hmm...that looks a lot like Carol" and it was! haha Anyway, I'll be posting up the rest of the movies soon. I didn't dance at all tonight...well yesterday. So, hopefully Sunday will be better. :) I have to sleep...I have to work...more. bleh I'm surprised they haven't fired me yet...but maybe they'll actually let me take a break this time. grr I'm still sick...but eh it happens. See you all Sunday.

*BeckyL you have no idea how big this smile on my face is because of that picture on my myspace. Words can't express my gratitude. :D *