.::it's all here::.

...a failed attempt to translate thoughts and feelings into words...

Monday, March 12


Yep...it's here. Today is the day....and it's not too terribly bad. Besides the fact I went to bed at 330am, woke up with my alarm, looked at it and fell back asleep until 700 and rushed around so I could make it to school on time. But, yeah despite that part of the morning. So far everything's been quite all right....I only have a 1/2 day of school today and tomorrow, then I'm off the rest of the week and have a few fun things planned. :) I got a box of cinnamon life cereal from my friend this mornning hahaha it was really funny, but thoughtful. haha And I also got an altoids tin filled with goodies from somebody else...a few hugs. And a nice text message convo with an old friend :)

I think if the day were over right now I'd be happy. haha Partly because I'd probably get to go to bed.... :P I have TONS of homework and things I failed to finish over the weekend....soo, I don't know maybe I should get to that...I'm not even sure why I'm updating...haha Oh well. It's been about a month, time for an update I suppose.

Hope all is well, and ya'll are having a nice day.