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Monday, January 29

monday, monday

I signed up for the midwest balboa fest this weekend. And now my Christmas money is pretty much all gone. I also bought a switchblade/lighter combo. It's so cool. ...I don't have it yet, but when it comes I'll let you know. :) I'm excited for that balboa thing, though. I like dancing bal....I just don't do it that much. I don't know very much/am not too terribly well at it...but I'm hoping to take away some good tips and learnings. :)

Sooo in about 40min I'll be sitting here with nothing to do for 2hours...that's why I was smart and decided to load 6 episodes of CSI to watch during that time. I'm sooo excited. I never ended up watching that episode at 1a last night...I watched the 12a one, and then I kept dozing off during the one I wanted to watch. :( Oh well. Tonight I'll be babysitting my adorable nephew...yeah, I decided I do really like him. :) I don't know if I'll like the new kid....but we'll see.

Story time...soo I was over babysitting the other week and I open up some choco pudding, and he walks over to me acting real shy, holding his puppy, and asks, 'can I pease have some?' and ohhh it was adorable. So everytime I've eaten choco pudding since, I think about that. He also says my name a lot....'susie'. Although I've come around to liking and enjoying him, I still do not want kids...okay bye...

Saturday, January 27

oh yeah...

i updated the midnight movies in the sidebar...sooo you should definently plan accordingly :)


I'm incredibly tired...so no capitalizing :( anyway...i had 5 mt. dews earlier today which gave me so much energy, annnd of course with a burst of energy like that you can only expect there to be a shitty shitty downfall. and yeah there was. but anyway...i got sick at jno...dizzy very very dizzy and very weak. ummm i danced a lot. and that made me very happy...well, im super super tired...i dont plan on waking up tomorrow. i have no reason to, no motivation...hmm i don't really have a reason to wake up on sunday either...besides the fact i have to do my laundry, but i don't think that's such great motivation.

well, i said i was going to bed at the beginning of this post. ha yeah well, i think i really am now...oh the movie tonight was awesome. granted i drifted off once or twice...i didn't miss the good stuff. kevin and i agreed that a very funny movie would be one with the entire cast throwing themselves from tall buildings, or just something fairly high...at random or completely not even on purpose...ha. well, you had to be there/seen the movie/been veryvery tired/have a sick sense of humor.

im so tired...it's 311 haha thats funny.

Monday, January 22


Thanks to my late nights with youtube I found an awesome song...partly posted below. And no, I just want to let you know that this is not going to be my default blog again. Well, I don't really remember why I am posting...So goodbye...and Friday: I'm going to dinner at Jazz, and then I should be at Jno...but who knows...and 'Vertigo' is the midnight movie.

"...If I dont make it known that
Ive loved you all along
Just like the sunny days that
We ignore because
Were all dumb & jaded
And I hope to God I figure out
Whats wrong..."

Sunday, January 21


The bears and the colts are going to the super bowl....All I did today was watch the two games. The bears and saints game wasn't all that great, but the colts and patriots was intense. my dad and I greatly hate the patriots, so we were very happy to see the colts win. Now I'm really not sure who I want to win the super bowl...Grossman is a goof and especially after today...hmmm bleh. What a great football filled day....

Thursday, January 18

life=a big pile of shit

yeah it does...but I'm sick of complaining. It really just makes everything worse than it was. :( So, you'll never know why my life is so shitty. And you'll definently never understand. You just cannot unless you've experienced a similar situation.

I really really needed to go to the bank tonight, but fuck that..."oh we'll go tomorrow" (next day) "oh we'll go tomorrow" (today) "why dont we just go tomorrow"...

Sooo in gym today...we played volleyball...yeah and anyway, I was standing around and a ball jut brushed past my head real fast, and this guy was like "holy shit she didn't even flinch!"...hehehe That was silly....I've noticed that lately. I don't flinch anymore. People can throw shit at me or try and hit me, I won't move. hmm

I had a relatively good day today...there isn't too much I can/want to share with you. I was planning on watching 4 hours of CSI: tonight...but I don't think that is going to happen. I'm so tired and don't feel well...I almost passed out at school today. It was great...I think I'm just going to fall asleep (or just lay here in my room) until this person calls/texts me.

the shitties n the muslims :P ((dont know..)

from eric's blog...kind o f funny how my reaction time sucks...reminds me of a story...ill post it in a diff post.

There were a total of 100 geometric shapes. You answered 49 of them before exiting.

Correct Incorrect
Circles 43 0
Other 0 6
Accuracy = 87.76%
Average Reaction Time = 0.93 seconds
Fastest Reaction Time = 0.44 seconds
Slowest Reaction Time = 1.73 seconds

Your score is 63 out of a possible 100
Above Average Procrastinator

You rank between the top 25% and 10% in terms of procrastination. That is, when it comes to putting things off, you often do so even though you know you shouldn’t. Likely, you are more free-spirited and spontaneous than most. Probably, your work doesn’t engage you as much as you would like or perhaps you are surrounded by easily available and more pleasant temptations. These temptations may initially seem rewarding, but in the longer-term, you see many of them as time-wasters. Though you likely often still get your work done, there is probably a lot of last minute panicking and unwanted stress. You may want to reduce what procrastination you do commit. If so, here are three tips that have been shown to work:

Wednesday, January 10

not this time.

i edited this post...it was full of bull.

i just watched little miss sunshine with my sister, she of course didn't like it because she is her, but i loved it because i am not her. whatever. it was a great movie.

i don't feel like doing much anymore. but...shit, i don't know. screw this....

Monday, January 8


Haven't posted here in awhile....so I don't expect people to even read this. but that's alright.

edited this too

I haven't been dancing much lately....I go to jno...but dancing, not so much. I don't know why. I just don't. Soo maybe this friday I'll dance more.

I need to get a job. But I really don't know where I should work. I've been hinking maybe I'll be a hostess somewhere...I figure that wouldn't be too terribly difficult. I don't know. I kind of wanted to work at Homers...but I don't know...and then I wanted to work at a coffee shop, like cafine dreams, but apparently they don't want me. Neither does Aroma's...grr. Maybe I'll just do them jobs I did last summer. That's an easy four or five hundred bucks...but then again I hate baseball. and I hated workin there because I was in the sun for 2 straight weeks. it was gross. So maybe I'll just work the taste of omaha. yeah. maybe...Well, that's about all.