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Thursday, September 29

Bri's Blog

Brianna's Blog! ((so I remember))


So tonight at about 7pm/8pm we picked sarah up from the airport and went out to eat and now i just got home and i have a crap load of homework to type...so i got to make this quick. i wanted to make her a pretty dress i knew she wanted and give it to her at the airport, but i wasn't able to finish it! :( hopefully i'll get it done by tomorrow night, so she can wear it to jitterbugs. im so glad shes back! i missed her :)

what else...ooo saturday night me and 2 other super cool guys are going to mystery manor and frightmares...im sooo scared. first off, they will laugh at me sooo badly bc ill prolly be sooo scared. plus i've never gone to huanted houses with this one chick iv'e known since kindergarden and she's always nice to me, but she wont call me back, so im going with these guys...i got to go now bye!! see jitterbuggers tomorrow night ((hugs))

Tuesday, September 27


so i got a crapload of fabric today and Im planning on making sarah a cute dress she wanted for when she gets back! two more days!! im so excited i miss her sooooo much...saturday me and her are going to see breakfast at tiffany's at the dundee theater, ive always wanted to see old movies at a theater! casablanca was last week, but that was cowtown, so i couldnt go...kevin i got my stuff from that guy haha yeah anyway...i think he likes me he stares at me a lot and when we laugh at lunch he looks at me...hmm what do ya'll think? tomorrow i get my liscence! (permit) im going to go take the test bye ((hugs))

"Just stuck, hollow and alone
And the fault is my own
I want to heal
I want to feel
What I thought was never real
I want to let go of the pain I've held so long
(Erase all the pain til it's gone)

What do I have but negativity
Cause I can't justify the way everyone is looking at me"
-Linkin Park-"Somewhere I Belong"-

Monday, September 26


just saying kevin i wrote the story down i mght give it to you friday and today was awesome monday i have to go though i dont want to g et in trouble for being down here bye guys sorry i cant write more now, but i swear i will soon((big big hugs))

cowtown jamborama

This weekend was awesome...not so much friday night...sat night was eh...sunday was real fun...i learned a lot, too, but im in an incredible amount of pain!!! i cant walk up or down stairs or just plain walk! ugh fun has consequences! more later i have to eat breakfast im starved for some reason!!?! bye! ((hugs))

Tuesday, September 20


**Does anyone know where we meet Thursday night for cowtown?? Is is at the Sheraton??**
I'm practically broke now bc last night i spent a bunch of money on super cute shoes and a super cute shirt...oh and i did sign up for my charleston class in october so that was alot too...im down to 30 bucks...i ineed some petty cash!

i was going to complain about something but decided not to bc i dont like people complaining constantly...Kevin i just recently read your comment about wanting to hear the story...not now maybe another time remind me k?

http://deathclock.com/ awesome site...i forgot when i was going to die though...anyway great show called my name is earl on tonight and then the office yay...so im going to go do my damn homework so i can just relax...tomorrow is wednesday...

do ya'll think tinker-bell is a good costume idea for me? i think itd be cute, but then ive always wanted to be an elf...bye ((hugs))

((don't pay attention to the songs below, they were just stuck in my head))

cut my life into pieces
this is my last resort
suffocation no breathing
don't give a fuck if i cut my arm bleeding
-papa roach "last resort"-

Babble Babble bitch bitch
Rebel Rebel party party
_ex _ex _ex and dont forget the "violence"
blah blah blah got your lovery-dovery sad-and-lonely
-Marilyn Manson "This is New Sh*t"-
(sorry if i offended anyone, but its a catchy tune!)(not saying i love the guy just this song is catchy)

Everything's so blurry
And everyone's so fake
And everybody's empty
And everything is so messed up…

…Everyone is changing
There's no one left that's real
So make up your own ending
And let me know just how you feel…

-Puddle of Mudd “Blurry”-

Monday, September 19


Nothing new...just posting to post...weekend was super sweet. I'm sad lindy in the park is over! :( also sad sarah's gone for another week and 4 days...I've barely ate these last 2 days...just not feeling it..

I'm soo excited for cowtown! Eric, where do you go to checkin for cowtown Thursday night??? I'm so confused...
Got a crapload of homework for this week I'm working on now, so I'll have freetime! Monday Night Football yay! Bye ((bunches-o-hugs))

You're happy cause you smile,
But how much can you fake?
-Our Lady Peace "Superman's Dead"-

Friday, September 16


Wow more people are reading my blog! I feel special. Soo my finger is healed, after bravely sticking it under the faucet at Olive Garden. It stung real bad, but Dino (Dean Martin) made it better. (He was playing over the speakers..)

I came home yesterday, and was planning on going to the Lindy BOmb at Retro Recylce, but instead I fell asleep till 9pm...it felt good though. Hmm...I guess you need sleep. So I work in the office 8th hour, and yesterday nobody was in there, and I was like wierd...but I started working anyway, and then I looked up, and a teacher was there and he said (in a robotic voice) "Hello Suzie, How are you?" I said "Good" He said"Good." and left...Then I thought 'Oh my god, they're all aliens...' (like in the movie "The Faculty") It freaked me out, and for a second I did think I was in the movie...lame I know! The movie was mostly lame, too. I guess it had its good parts, but I mean seriously...lets sniff crack to find out if we're aliens???...mmm don't think so.

Anyway...I think that's all I have to say for now...me and Sarah might try and go to the Lindy Bomb at Maggie Moo's tonight, but I'm not sure. But we will be at the norm Jitterbugs, together!

"Together at last!
Together for ever!
We're tying a knot,
They never can sever!"
-Song From Annie-

Oh yeah, gotta love Annie! :) Sorry I know I'm a fruit...see ya'll tonight, bye! ((hugs))

Tuesday, September 13


oh my god i flippin hurt my finger this morning with a shaver...it was in my drawer n i was rummaging through things and wow it like sliced off some skin...grr it wouldnt stop bleeding for awhile...tomorrow is wednesday...yay one week till cowtown!! im so excited does jitterbugs have a halloween theme? i want to make me a pretty pretty costume :)

"you're ugly and i hate you."
im at school bye ((lots of hugs))

Monday, September 12

monday monday

So... yesterday, jitterbugs was fun, except for all the wind. it hurt my eyes real bad and must've trigged allergies bc my nose was getting itchy and runny...so thats why i left a little early...im still feeling groggy and for some reason my back kills.

I watched 3 movies yesterday...fox n hound, sleepy hollow, and brothers grimm. the best was fox n hound! :) the other 2 were sooo lame! do NOT waste your m oney on brothers grimm blah! ow i was putting in an earring and it wouldnt go through so i made it, and it made a new hole and oh my god it hurts. thought id share that with ya'll :)

yeah well...besides my grogginess i suppose i'm fine :) except for all the crappy homework i got to type up and research bye ((hugs))

Thursday, September 8


hey tell people about my blog i dont feel like people read it k? well i know people do but no tenough people do

Almost Friday! :)

I'm so glad this week was short! I don't think i wouldve made it..ugh...tomorrows friday, jitterbugs, yay. i burnt my wrist on my iron...it hurts, it was late at night and i wasnt thinking or awake...oh well another scar. saturday im going to go see brothers grim. it looks awesome.

i was going to write something but i decided not to bc i dont like to just tell people everything about me unless they ask ill spill everything

i dont know why i can never sleep...when i sleep i feel like im missing out on life. but i remember a long time ago someone told me when you cant sleep its bc people are thinking of you..i dont believe that bc who would be thinking of me??

SO heres a random thought floating in my head (like all my thoughts)...I feel like saying it so I will...i always defend the aholes(not sure if yall approve of bad words) the aholes treat me like dirt, and im the one who gets caught and i take the blame and defend them even though theyd never do that to me...thats pretty much why ive been to 3 different schools in the past 2 years...so i stick up for them and become the untrusted one...

ugh...i think about the past too much, i hate it...i wish i had a reallly persuasive or just a nice/fun/caring friend that will just tell me its not my fault and just be there...((sigh)) thatll be a great day/life when i get a friend like that :)

well im going to go type my paper now, so i dont get in trouble, blah...well ill see all you fellow jitterbuggers tomorrow night...ill be the loner sitting by myself :( bye ((hugs))

"I know someday you'll have a beautiful life
I know someday you'll be a star, in somebody else's sky
But why can't it be mine?"
-Pearl Jam-"Black"

"..Can I be your friend?
We'll forget the past
Or maybe I'm not able..."

"...nothing's alright
nothing is fine."
-Papa Roach-"Last Resort"

Monday, September 5


I had a great weekend, I'm glad it was 3 days...me and my sister were in the labor day parade it was so much fun! We rode vintage bikes...yeah...well not much more finishing up a hoodie to wear wednesday (i made of course...its weird but cool) soo friday will be like the first time going to jitterbugs without my sister...freaky...sorry this is short dont want to get in trouble bye ((hugs))

Thursday, September 1


I was feeling great earlier, but now I'm not...I wish I had people to talk to...I can't do anything withall my old friends...I can onnly talk with one and she aint the best...I guess this would be a good way to talk but I don't know...so much has happened to me in the last year and a hlaf...psh anyway so a nerd told me "What can brown do for you?...Nothing when it's in your pants" I laughed sooo hard at that...well tomorrows friday thats one thing for me to look forward to...I have to answer phones in my school tomorrow that'll be fun I've always wanted to answer phones and then re-direct their calls! yay Soo...I only got 3 hours of sleep...but I'm not tired, and I prolly wont sleep tonight. It's so hard to sleep. Did you know underneath my girly poofy dress ribbons n curls exterior...I'm rough n tough. oo that sounds weird...but yeah what I mean is I love to do guy things! tackle football, going in the moosh pits at concerts, getting hurt, and dirty and a lot of otherstuff. Yep. ANd i don't care if I get sweaty as long as I'm having fun :) I still feel crappy...*sigh* whatever will i do...I hope I have fun tomorrow night...oh if anyone sees a $1,000-$2,000ish car that's somewhat nice, tell me! :) bye ((limp hugs))

"She says love is for fools
That fall behind
And I'm somewhere in between
I never really know..."
-Fuel "Shimmer"-

"...Show me how defenseless you really are..."
-Breaking Benjamin "So Cold"-

"Are you tired?
Cause I will carry you on a broken back
And blown out knees..."
-ATREYU "Lip Gloss in Black"-