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...a failed attempt to translate thoughts and feelings into words...

Wednesday, August 31


Has anyone seen Casablanca? It's on at 11pm tonight on TUrner classic. oh my god I LOVE that movie! It's soo good. I reccommend watching it if your up k? I look funny today...pale...not normal...i dont know I thought I did...My hair is in the "ugly stage" I'm growing it to a bob and it looks icky right now...It prolly will for ahwile Well thats all more tomorrow! ((more hugs))


yay I just signed up for cowtown so it's official! I'm so excited for that and friday night! I'm wearing my super pretty dress I made :) only two more days...actually 1 1/2 days bye i got to type((hugs))


sorry i ended last one so sudden! had to go so here's my formal goodbye! ((hugs))


I swear i have insomnia. I can never ever sleep! and if I do sleep, I wake up at least every 45-60min...The radio doesnt help anymore...neither does writing or sewing...hmm Is insomnia curable? It doesn't bother me only getting 2-4 hours of sleep anymore though. OH well I guess it doesnt matter. So I'm not selling my soul on ebay...no one bids it'd be pointless. Are vampires real? There was a show on about Dracula. It was all about his lair...pretty interesting, but was Dracula real? I'm really gullible, so I kinda believe it. I used to believe IT (the clown) was real for a couple weeks after I saw it. It's a freaky freaky movie. Man I can't wait till Halloween!! or at least Octber! i absolutely loove haunted houses. I'm always the entertainment for people waiting in line, too...not on purpose...I just get freaked out easily...this vampire at Haunt last year chased me all over the parking lot until he got in trouble with his boss :) Who wants to go to a haunted house with me this year?! I really want to go to mystery manor

Tuesday, August 30

water drops

Did you know if you accidently get a notebook wet, and it dries, the red and blue lines will look all tye-died? It's cool, but it only works if its an acccident. You know the nicest people are nerdy dorks? Since i'm at a new school for just this year, I don't want to make friends...but i did with 3 senior nerds. They're hilarious and nice. I really despise my age people they're immature, self-centered and rude! Anyone 2 years or more older than me absolutely rocks! So today I "sold some of my soul" for a dollar. yep...it's a joke but hey...I made a dollar! SO I thought I'm going to do that on Ebay...sell my soul! See how much I can make for free! :)
I really hope I can go to cowtown! my rents are talking about it tonight so by tomorrow I'll get a final answer. If I do go...I'll be all alone...hopefully I'll know SOMEONE! Anyway...I got to go do that ebay thing and then sew all night! :) I 'll leave you with a poem/thought from me...((hugs))

What would happen
If we had another opportunity
To do something differently
Would we take it and make the change?
Or live with how it's been?
All along wondering
What it would've been like
To take the other road,
Choose the other door,
Or pick the other option
Always thinking,
Never knowing.

Sunday, August 28

so bored

I'm so bored...I wish i could go out and do things instead of sit around and be so bored. The best things that happen to me are always cut short...then i have to wait so long for more. I'm not 100% sure how to post pictures...i'd really like to it'd make this more interesting. I'm so confused, too. I don't understand my crappy homework. Maybe it's because I'm so tired I'm running on less than 4 hours of sleep and a liter of Mt. Dew. yum. Mt. Dew....That stuff is like drugs...It's prolly just as bad for you, too. Does pop really make you fat? I hope not..tomorrows Monday...that makes everything feel like crap. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday are the worst days ever...no fun things to do. :( ummm yeah so it's a little freaky...my geometry teacher is in my lindy class...yeah...its kinda funny, too...for some reason I think it'd be a lot better if he actually came on Friday nights, too. Not sure why. It'd just seem normal I g uess...hmm...I told him to come last Friday and he said he'd come this Friday...wow thats confusing. Hopefully I'll update pretty often. I'm kinda not suposed to use computer...that's a looooong explanation, but I'm not getting into that. If you read this please comment! I want to know people are actually reading, so I'm not wasting my time! ((hugs)) bye


My first post...fun...I was just on looking at Jitterbugs and saw blogs. Thought it'd be fun. I wonder if anyone looks at these? hmm...I'm real bored but I got some work to do. Theres an awesome movie called Sabrina on at 7pm TCM (the one with Humphrey Bogart n Audrey Hepburn) ((the good Sabrina)) I can't wait till Friday Jitterbugs!! I'm going to wear a really really cute dress I made I hope ya'll like it! :) I also got to make a shirt for my sister otherwise she wont go...I dont know if she was kidding...Well I had a lot of fun at lindy in the park!! it was my 2nd week for that and I love this Jitterbugging!! yay well more another time bye! ((hugs))