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Sunday, June 25


After much pestering from a few people, I will be making menswear in the near future. Mainly easy stuff like polos/shirts...maybe some dress shirts...probably pants. That would be a fun challenge. Will post pictures when things start getting made.

((If you wanted to know...So far there's a total of 4 people, not including myself, going to Napolean Dynamite Friday. 1 not being a Jitterbugger...))

Wednesday, June 21

Three More Days...

Three more days until I'm done working...tomorrow/today (thursday), Saturday, and Monday!!! Then I'm done forever!!! Ugh never again will I make such a terrible mistake! :| Some of the other workers and fans are nice and talk to me and that makes the time go by...Of course there's always the creeps...Speaking of creeps! Today I stopped into Subway (13 Howard) and the same guy who asked if my hair was the natural color made my sandwich. He looked for the best tomatoes and put four on (usually I only get 2, 3 if I'm lucky), searched for the best cucumbers but apparently none in the bucket were good enough so he went into the back and got six cucumbers and put them on my sandwich and then the mayo/lettuce...and at the register he waved me off and said okay, goodbye. Your done! I was so confused...but basically I got a free sandwich. I do not like to be given things...It makes me feel like crap. Yeah...anyway....

I was thinking about wearing a really poofy/formal pink dress on Friday to JNO...Yes or No?? I'm going to wear it one of these Jitterbug nights if not this Friday...Oh maybe I won't wear it. I think I'm going to the Summer Arts Festival and a "party" at the 13th St Coffee Shop, so I don't think it would be appropriate to wear a poofy pink dress. Well...nevermind.

Hmm...so, is it normal to have nightmares about your job?? Or does that just apply for jobs that you hate with a deep passion? :) I don't think I told anyone about the Taste of Omaha, but the last day I worked it, I went straight from there to Lincoln for fashion camp, and that night I had nightmares that people were coming into my dorm and buying tickets from me but they wouldn't listen when I told them that it was over, and I fell asleep with their money in my hand and they would get mad at me...ahh!!! :( Just last night I kept waking up every hour because I thought "no I can sit down (sleep in this case) while I'm on duty!!" And I'd wake up thinking I fell asleep at work......AH!!! grr

I'm going to sleep now...I don't have to work till 4pm, so that's good I can sleep for awhile, but I need to go to the fabric store to get fabric for a couple people....Any requests post now or before 2pm!! :) Bye

Tuesday, June 20

I had a dream I went to Big Brain Productions and got some tatoos and my ears gauged. :) Weird? I think not...

Sunday, June 18

CWS Schedule

So, in case anyone was wondering about when I work and what I'm doing....I'm going to post my schedule for you! :)

Monday(6/19): ticket taker
Tuesday(6/20): usher
Wednesday(6/21): usher
Thursday(6/22): (If there's a game) usher
Friday:(6/23) I'm off! yay
Saturday:(6/24) ticket taker
Sunday:(6/25) I'm off!
Monday(6/26): I work...not sure what though...

Friday, June 16


I'm back and I am sooo glad. My roommate reeked and talked too much, the beds were horrible, pillows horrible too, rooms disfusting, didn't get taught anything, almost threw up my brains, and missed my puppy!! :( My dog turned the corner of the kitchen, walking normal, and abruptly stopped and looked at me and then was like "She's back!!!" and ran over and cried for a good 5min! :)

I did not learn anything new though...it sucks. Some girl taught me how to do pin tucks and about 3 or 4 girls had this designer guy from OK do their entire dresses. The thing I made was awesome. (click for more pics)
I loved it, but I sold it to someone awesome I met for $25. She also bought 2 other dresses (the bed sheet and fancy frilly ivory) and 1 skirt (the illusion print). Total of about $60...Another girl bought my retro green 70's dress I made. :) I made a quick $70!! But for some reason I have $80...Oh well the more the merrier. I only have one skirt ("jungle print") and one dress (black with stripes one) left "for sale." ( clothing wise) I finished a really cute corduroy brown with red roses print and ivory beading with a ribbon on it....$15 :) If you'd like it. The label isn't on it yet...but it will be. Here's a picture...(click for more pics)
So, anyway. I feel like I'm doing very well!! :) I don't know a lot of techniques yet. I think I'll maybe take lessons at a fabric store. Someone told me I should...and then next summer I'm going to New York, I just have to decided which one soon.

I have to go finish up the Beckies' purses for tonight. So, I better go get on that...I have no time to just rest and relax!! Ahh! Starting at 10:15am tomorrow I work at College World Series for about 12 hours a day for a week and 4 days?? I have a couple days off in there...I just didn't count them. Bye!!!

Tuesday, June 13


Apparently there are computers here...at this camp thing. I don't feel well right now...I don't like all the extra curricular activities they have. I just want to learn more about fashion and sewing!! :( oo breakfast is finally here. Bye

Saturday, June 10


Hmm...I think I should stay at parties longer, usually we do...but we didn't quite know how to get home and so we needed to leave somewhat early. {{But, Becky your party was tons of fun!! Thanks for inviting us! :) }} We made a quick pit stop at Crackel Barrell because it was on the way, and wow since I had a lot of Mt. Dew and it was "late" I got a little coo-coo and the manager there asked if I was okay...I think he thought I was dying or choking...yeah. hehehe I know Mt. Dew's not good for me, but it taste good and makes me hyper. :)

So, I'm waiting for my laundry to get done...still. I have to pack tonight or tomorrow morning because at 6pm I leave to go to the fashion camp....and I have to work 10-430. Geez I'm a busy girl! I should be at JNO this coming Friday...but it all depends because Saturday I work at 10am at CWS...yeah.

So, Becky(Bex) I forgot to bring the purse you'd asked for tonight!! So sorry. I had just gotten off work and basically came straight from there. :( Sorry...I'll be sure to have it with me at other Jitterbug events just in case I see you. I feel horrible, let me know if you still want it too!! :(

Merinda and Becky (other becky) your purses will be done...June 18th. I'll have them at Lindy in the Park. :)

I suppose that's all...nothing too fascinating at the moment...bye...

Wednesday, June 7


My back is hurting me...a lot...posture? Maybe...grr

Tuesday, June 6


Writers cramp from typing...Is it possible?

The internet is such an addicting slippery slope. (I remember that term from a debate class...I also remember ad hoc) Anyway, I'm looking at one thing and then that leads to another which has another link that spawns off into ten more places and wow the page I'm on now is completely irrelevant to where I began. It's interesting yet annoying....

I've been doing quite a bit of thinking lately...not so much about anything in particular...just lots of thinking...I feel like I am very selfish and not thankful for what I have, but at the same time I am very thankful and not selfish at all. Confusing, yes...I feel like I waste people's time and energy (mainly speaking about people taking me places). I constantly want and need to be busy for my own good, but it seems like I "force" people to do what I want and take me where I want...No one has complained or said they are sick of taking me everywhere, but I can sense it. I don't have to be told these things, I just have a way of sensing when I need to go away. A lot of the time I do make sacrifices and don't go where I was "dying" to go, because the other person wasn't all that interested...but...I don't know. There's only...about 7 more weeks until I'll be legally allowed to drive, so I guess this isn't that big of a worry.
I know it'll be awhile before school starts up again, but I can't stop wondering about how I'll turn out after being re-submerged into public school. This year at private school did nothing but piss me off and build a strong hatred for rich asses who aren't thankful and need more more more and see someone who has less than them and laughs hysterically....yeah but anyway back to public schools...I'm really hoping that it will go very smoothly and have no jagged edges...and that the two years I have left will just float by, but not too quickly. I do not want to re-live my first year of high school again...ever. I've had two strikes already and hopefully I will not have a strike three...because then...well, let's not imagine a strike three, eh? I think I'm fairly okay now(for the most part) and I have more sense and sanity...

Anyway, let's forget about all that. There's plenty of time before then! :) In about 14 hours, my summer(maybe just my June) will officially begin to fly by! I'm excited, but at the same time I'm not. I need to find some seriously strong sun-screen so I don't even get a hint of a tan while I work this summer...I'm excited to work at the Taste of Omaha, though!!! As soon as I get a break, or I'm off of work I'll be in line for the ride I rode last year. The very creepy (and not the good creepy) ride workers gave me and my friend a free ride. hehehe Those portable carnival rides are the absolute best. They are so dangerous and risky and at any moment it could just crumble to the ground. :) Actually any ride is dangerous for me...I never realized I was "skinny/small" until many of the rides with those bars for a seat belt wouldn't hold me in. Yeah, it is scary, but more fun. I do have to literally hold on for dear life or else I will tumble to my death. hahaha wow....

About 4months ago I almost killed my precious puppy, Hank...not on purpose. We were playing with thread and I threw it away and I guess he went after it and instead of getting the thread he got a needle...I was very very sad and depressed, I love my little (he's not little) Hankie. I can't really imagine life without dog hair all over my dark colored clothing. :) No, but really...I love my dog, he makes me feel special and happy because he needs me to live and I need him to live...I can't understand how people can really abandon and neglect their animals. They are too sweet and loving to deserve such cruelty...just look at any animals eyes and tell me how you can possibly hurt it. :(

Late nights are the worst time to write/talk because you will just keep going and spill things you don't want people to know...so I think that is where I will end. Oh, and this little purse is still "for sale" until Thursday. There will be another one someday I'm done with it, it's just a matter of taking the picture...I'll be up for awhile longer, so email me if you're up, too. :)

Sunday, June 4

Handbags up for grabs!!

Here's a few bags I was planning on selling downtown today, but changed my mind. I thought I'd be nice and let people I know see if they want any of these before I put them up on Ebay. There may be one more, depending on my sister's decision...I gave her 24 hours to decide. So, here they are: ($15)

(This one below has been spoken for)

Saturday, June 3


So...just about 3 hours after I said Iwas going to bed, a brilliant idea struck me. I can make clutches/handbags and sit on a corner downtown and sell them. :) I've picked out bunches of scraps that are big enough to make them...I think I have about oh geez I don't know well over 10 different clutches/handbags cut out.

^I'm glad no one bought this one...it is my favorite...^

Friday, June 2

Just a whole bunch of stuff...

So, this week has been hell. Barely any sleep, lots and lots of sewing, severe anger problems towards my serger (almost threw it across the room...yes, I do have anger problems hahaha), and the immense sweating while sewing because my room is/was hot. The air is fixed now, as of 12:30 this afternoon...it feels good down here, but once I go to my room I won't even notice it. It's sick...all the more reason why I need a studio. :D ((too much machinery being used all at once))

Saturday night in Glenwood, Iowa at some ampitheatre the Prairie Cats are playing and people can come dance. Dan told me about this Friday. It's a $4 cover, too. I don't think that's too bad...I might just go. Hopefully there'll be more people, too, if ya'll spread the word. :) If you want to actually know where the place is you can call me, I think my parents know so they can tell me...I just don't feel like asking right now.

So...tonight was very stressful. I made two really cute clutches/handbags 3hours before I had to go to Jitterbugs, and continued to work on them in the car ride. Ruth bought one, and I still have one for me! :) It's the one I really liked, too. I'm thinking I may make many more for the next night like this and to sell on Ebay. People on eBay are pyscho crazy. I think it was a "successful" night...simply having people see my stuff is successful to me. A couple people noted that I had my stuff for awfully low prices even after the fact that I informed them that this is my early work...I thought they were reasonable...but I guess I should at least take into consideration the cost of materials and include that in the price. oops. My goal isn't to suck money out of people, though...I simply want to make pretty "cool" and unique things for everybody and anybody (except men...maybe one day...guys clothes are much more complicated than you think)

Well, I guess that's all. I really need to go to bed otherwise no more dancing for me......