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...a failed attempt to translate thoughts and feelings into words...

Saturday, October 28

((big sigh of relief))

Finally. No work for THREE days...apparently I wrote Monday down to get off, too. So MONDAY: Meetin Place 7-9p (12th & howard). Excited for that...

Had an awesome time tonight at work(ha!), jno, and had quite the time at the exorcist...but of course, jno was still the most fun...i wish i could've came earlier. oh well, and my fangs weren't able to be put in...i wasn't joking when I said I was going to wear them on anormal daay or at Christmas...okay, maybe not at Christmas...

Plans for tomorrow ((technically today)): sleeeep & possibly go to a party....god I love not working. :) See some of you Monday...

Thursday, October 26

THE EXORCIST at Dundee tomorrow after JNO!!! 12am....$5! :) Let me know if you can go...I'll save seats....I've never seen it, sooo might be fun with lots of people....

Tuesday, October 24


:FRIDAY: MIDNIGHT MOVIE EXORCIST $5 at Dundee ((parking- directly accross the street in front of those shops))

I don't have anything to do Saturday/Sunday and I'm off work because I was supposed to be in Atlanta...soo if anyone wants to do anything not necessarily a haunted house...otherwise I think I'll go into work later in the afternoon and get brownie points because I almost got fired last night for taking off too many weekends and apparently that was the only reason she hired me...If so, then why do I work mondays? and sometimes thursdays? To me fridays don't count as the weekend either...psh whatever, this whole job/working thing isn't really my thing.

:MONDAY: NOV 6: BIG BAND @ MEETING PLACE ((yeah, because I took a monday off, too hahahaha))

November...6th! I'm getting my "legal" license. Sooo finally I will not have to waste other peoples' time taking me places!!! :)

Sunday, October 22

Omaha is my kind of Town

So....Chicago was...different. It made me realize how much I'm taking for granted in Omaha. I now know that I do not want to ever leave Omaha. :) hehehe It's a "big city" but not. At flipping 1am traffic was bumper to bumper on the interstate! I would never never be abel to tolerate that...too many people in too much of ahurry. I just can't live that way...

I really missed all the dancing in Omaha too...I went to a dance in Chicago (only for 30min), and it just wasn't the same, I don't even think I went to a "legitimate" venue, so that was probably my main problem...what else...went to a bunch of different places. I don't really feel like writing about all this. I didn't like it. I wanted to be back home at my own lovely pace with my puppy. The plane ride was fine, the TSA at eppley were assholes. That's really about all I feel like talking about...

unfortunately, I have to work tomorrrow night, so no big band at the meeting place...I have to work Friday, too....but I'm racing over to JNO to feed my addiction. bleh....I'm excited. I have to work on my halloween costume...

Wednesday, October 18

15 hours and counting...

Ahhh I'm sooo nervous!!! I've NEVER been on a plane before...I'm scared to death. Thank you for the tips Becky, but still...I can't help but be nervous!!! I'll be back Sunday at 8a....Ahhhh wish me luck and please keep in contact with me via phone ((my phone works now!!! same number)) or internet. I'm going to try and take my laptop, since I know I won't be sleeping much up there. :) I'm really really sorry about missing two Jitterbuggers' birthdays. :( :( I feel bad, but I send lots of birthday wishes your way!!!

Oh and what exactly IS allowed on the plane anyway?? (like in the luggage)) I don't need any carry on crap, it's only one hour, I think I'll live wihtout my possessions. I'll be up for quite awhile tonight...too damn anxious. That word looks funny...

Vala's was oodles of fun tonight...aside from me not feeling too well off and on. :\ Yay for the pumpkin patch and all it's lovely pumpkins bringing people together!

Monday, October 16

Along with the Good News, comes the bad news...

I'ts kind of something you can't control...there's always going to be bad news right along with the good news, but what seems like bad news to someone else, may be good news to the receiver...my bad news is good news to me. :)
.::Good News::.
*Next 2 weeks I barely have work*
*I cashed my paycheck*
*Got out of school early*
*Have lots of new friedns*
*Am having a great time with life right now*
*Being good old me, never gets old*
.::Bad News::.
-With no work comes no money, with no money comes no activities...-
-I'll be going to Chicago for awhile, missing peoples' birthdays-
-hehehe "friends"...that word is just bad news to begin with-
-Great times end really fast...and then it all sucks.-
-I annoy myself.-

Yeah, random I know...but anyway, holy shit the bears are doing awesome...hmm maybe I'll wear the hoodie tomorrow to Valla's...Anyway, my cell phone sort of works. Thanks to Dark Eric from Kansas....I can start it up now, and it doesn't flip out. Most of the keys work all the time. The camera works, which is a good sign. I wrote all the numbers down out of my phonebook, so just in case...Only problems are: It doesn't ring/vibrate, I can call people/accept calls, but I can't hear them and apparently they can't hear me. (you can leave a voicemail though because I can check that from any phone) However, the best part is, with the new plan we have, I can send pictures, meaning that luscious little Michael is not and will not ever be lost. :) :) :) I sent 4 or 5 of the pictures to my email. :) :) :) :) yay...I could go see him again in concert and get better pictures, but that doesn't defeat the fact that these pictures were from my sixteenth birthday and he was on concert the same day, (coincidence? I think not...) so they are very very very special. (even though they kind of suck)

Where is Jitterbugs meeting at Valla's? I'll probably be there at 7-705-710 because I volunteer till 7, but it's only a few blocks from Vallas...and since I have no phone, it might help to know where to find you all, I guess I could just walk around and meet random people, but it might be a little more fun with people I know...Just a thought.

Any day now, I will have reliable transportation ;)

Sunday, October 15

Mother F*cker

My phone is dead. Bye bye, no more gone...It was fine the entire day, until the very end, when it just feels the need to drop about 20 ft into 1ft of water. I didn't notice it until the ride was slowing down, and when we were 1/2 way upside down, and I look down and say "mother fucker." All the other wonderful psycho rides I went on it was fine, and on one of the more gentle rides, it just has to fall out!! Shit! So, basically for now I just want to let you know not to be calling me...and I may need your numbers again...Really really short and quick update for now: Went to World's of Fun...never been on a roller coaster in my life, went on the patriot (x4) alone. Fun, went on mamba (x10) alone, although I did meet somebody and hung out/rode with them, so not all of those numbers are by myself. I admire myself for being brave/bold for going alone. It was a lot of fun, more later. I'm really tired. Running on low sleep for the past 3 days, and the past 3 days have been jam packed with stuff, so it's not like I had a choice to sleep...will be gone wed nite-sun...

I need a ride home from Vallas tues. night. I don't live very far from there, and most of you have to drive to lower numbered streets anyway... :) let me know if you can. Thanks.

Wednesday, October 11

Another Quiz....Stolen from BeckyM

1. What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?
-ummm Well, they're really not scary anymore...but Signs made me jump literally a foot up off the couch...and I know what you did last summer made me jump because my dog came up behind me and touched me with his cold nose...he got scared too. I also had a nightmare about the know what you did last summer movie, apparently my leg was dangling off the edge of my bed and I was asleep and I felt something grab it and pull on it and I jumped up and I was okay..

2. What was your favorite halloween costume from childhood?
-I have two favorites...in preschool I was a bunny white and furry with a pink belly and cute ears....and then in kindergarden I was a witch. A really cute one, too! (I have pics I'll post them) I was kind of like "the poor kid" because my witch costume consisted of black tights with little halloween details on them, a black leotard, long messed up hair and dirt/green paint on my face (really not sure what it was) It's kind of funny because all the other little girls got to be cinderella or belle or snow white, and here's Suzie....a witch. haha

3. If you had an unlimited budget, what would your fantasy costume be for this halloween?
-I really want the Scarlet O'Hara Green Curtains dress, I could attempt to make it, but before that I'd need an obscene amount of velvet/soft fabric and that alone will be well into the triple digits.

4. When was the last time you went trick or treating?
-when I was a freshman

5. What's your favorite halloween candy?
-Don't really have a favorite...as long as it's yummy and not hard as a rock (unless it's a fireball) it's good with me

6. Tell us about a scary nightmare you had.
-I have lots of nightmares...but the one I remember the clearest is when my family and I were babysitting my brother's kid and I don't really know what happened, but there was crowds of people I used to know who had knives, and they wanted to kill us...my mom and dad were somewhere and the kid was in his bed. Somebody said to get the kid, and I ran and got him, and we stayed in their basement all the time wondering where my parents were and if they were okay...and then they came downstairs after warding off a few in the garage...the sky was reddish pinkish blackish and then when everyone was back together it was over...

7. What is your supernatural fear?
Warewolfs...if that's what this means...

8. What's your creepy crawlie fear?
Most bugs in general. Especially spiders.

9. Tell us about a time when you saw a ghost or heard something go bump in the night.
-I hear sooo many noises inside and outside, mainly our floors make noises like someone's walking upstairs, but no one is up there

10. Would you ever stay in a real haunted house overnight?
-With other people

11. Are you a traditionalist (just a face) jack o'lantern carver, or do you get really creative with your pumpkins?
-I never carved a pumpkin myself until last year, and when I did I carved an intricate heartagram, so I like to get creative.

12. How much do you decorate your home for halloween?
-My parents are 'against' halloween (yeah I laugh too) but I would decorate a little...we used to go all out and deck the house with scariness

13. What do you want on your tombstone?
-Not sure...I don't really want to die, so if I had that option then I have no need for a tombstone

Tuesday, October 10

Special Request

I've sort of been asked to update again, and although I have been updating other things quite frequently, I'm sorry I have been abandoning this....soo not too much up, just a lot of working...but I'm sort of adjusting in a way...The whole concept of sleeping has [for the most part] been replaced with triple/quad shots of espresso in the morning. And I really do like sweeping/cleaning now. Teachers think I'm a freak when I walk by their desk and straighten a pile of papers...Don't know why, but it bugs me!

Been 'meeting some new people lately' at school...ummm getting better acquainted with the rennies....grade-wise doing grood (great mixed with good)...decided I might be a forensic scientist if I decide to go onto college because I don't like being told what to do and how to do it when it comes to sewing and a CSI was the other choice, which this is the same but different...as we speak I am preparing my outfit for Friday the 13th,though....lot of black, and a little red....and 'the boots.' Not sure how those will work out, though...I'm planning on wearing my chucks to school and work and probably dancing as well, I don't know...the boots are a lot of work...we'll see, I need to put use to them, because they cost me an entire paycheck!!! (Yeah, I know...)

Not too much else going on...a lot of traveling/business, and homework, but I can't remember what, so apparently there won't be any of that...this Sunday I'm going to World's of Fun for the first time. I've never been on a roller coaster and I don't know any of the people going, but oh well, right? Oct 18 (8pm) - Oct 22 I'll be gone....October is really really jammed with lots of crap. On OCTOBER 28/29 (pick a day) I'd REALLY like to go to Mystery Manor ($10) and/or that Ranch of Terror ($14ish)...SOOO if some of you would be interested, that'd be kind of nice to go with people rather than alone or with strangers...OH AND OCT 27 THE EXORCIST IS PLAYING AT DUNDEE MIDNIGHT, come watch it with me!!! :)

Umm I really don't think there is much else to update on...excited for Friday night!! :) Not excited for Saturday morning and having to work 9a-7p. Somehow I think that's illegal, but probably not. I'm hoping to get fired for being tired and such...we'll see how that goes....Not much else I can share with you my friends. :) See you Friday!! ((930-945ish))

Tuesday, October 3

[[courtesy of beckyL]]

FRIDAY: MYSTERY MANOR 745-?? ((so far looks like just me...oh well, I need to toughen up I guess))

TEN random things about me
1 I keep lots of things from people (about me)
2 I hate shopping, and often feel guilty when I do
3 I don't want to do anything, but I do everything
4 I rarely ever eat anything beneficial to my health
5 I have a very very short temper...fairly good at controlling it
6 I'm obsessed with vampires
7 I enjoy buying fabric so I can have it sit in my room untouched for years...
8 I want Ville Valo bad...
9 I HATE talking/phones
10 I like dirty jeans.((with my own stains/holes/etc))

NINE ways to win my heart
1 Be a vampire, and I'm yours, no questions.
2 Be unique
3 Don't be annoying/stupid/vain
4 Do NOT be fake
5 Don't think we always have to talk if we're together
6 Don't ever call me to talk
7 Be persuasive
8 Know when to back off, but don't back off...please.
9 Stop me from doing things

EIGHT things I want to do before I die
1 Be homeless
2 Feel like my life was fulfilled
3 Do nothing for awhile
4 Live in Sweden/Finland for awhile
5 Keep dancing
6 Get with Ville Valo in Finland
7 Find somebody
Haven't really thought about much else...

SEVEN ways to annoy me
1 Stereotype me or anyone else
2 Making me repeat myself
3 Not listening to me when I do talk
4 Not listening to me period.
5 Telling me your every secret
6 Getting mad at me and not speaking to me about it
7 Pretending you're something you're not

SIX turn ons
1 Anything black/red/vampire
2 Scruffy outlook
3 Handling pain
4 ((good)) Creepy smiles/eyes
5 Not talking, just staring-from across the room (only with SOME people)
6 Strength (mental/physical)

FIVE things I'm afraid of
1 Certain people, although I disregard it a lot
2 Dying...then what?
3 Being eaten alive
4 Spiders/Most Bugs...if you kill one ((not just smash it, but pick it up, too, they will form an army and come after you..it could happen, Starship Troopers?? Come on guys))
5 Open water (lakes/rivers/oceans/etc)

FOUR favorite items in my room
1 Bed
2 Window
3 Calendar
4 Notebooks
(I would say sewing stuff...but I moved it downstairs so I could watch TV)

THREE things I do every day (besides the obvious)
1 Watch some TV
2 Sing/Dance
3 Smile to myself

TWO things i want to do right now
1 hahaha...oh man, I can't write that
2 DANCE!!!!!

One person I want to see right now
1 Hankie!! :( [[yes, he does count]]

Sunday, October 1

OCTOBER 6TH I am going to Mystery Manor before JNO, ((i don't have to work!!)) $10 18th and...well if you go down/up Cummings just turn on 18th and you'll get there. I'm excited, sooo excited. I was about to go tonight....but I had to pee, so I just looked at it. haha IF YOU WANT TO GO WITH ME I'M GOING AT...745ish $10, and COMMENT TO LET ME KNOW!!! :)