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Saturday, March 25

Far Beyond Frail

So, tonight there was an absolutely awesome band at Caffine Dreams called Far Beyond Frail, and they just blew me away. This is the reason I wasn't at Jitterbugs tonight. That's how amazing these two are, if they can pull me away from Jitterbugs...that's saying a lot. Folk/Alternative is what they are categorized under. Please check out their site and listen to a few songs. At the end of the show David (the guitarist) came up to me and thanked me for listening and gave me a partial hug. :) What a beast! :P lol (he has long hair now) ANYWAY, there's a show coming up in May at Mick's (in Benson)...but I doubt many of you will go since it's a Friday...Oh well!

Thursday, March 16

Sweet Dreams

Wow...for about the past week I have been having  super freaky dreams. I don't understand them, they are pointless (well...maybe not), and quite hard to believe. I'm not going to tell you about all the dreams I had...just because. Well, here's a part of one dream I really enjoyed: The lead singer of Venaculas (a local band) and I were dating...very very interesting. Well, I have no objections to that. :) Anyway, I hope I stop dreaming soon...or else I'll just stop sleeping. That's a simple solution.
Here's a random thought: Cucumbers are delish. mmm
I wonder if there's anything to make hair grow faster. I've heard about hanging upside down for 5min everyday, but that's too painful...If you didn't know I'm growing my hair out to see what it'd look like. All of my elementary school years and middle school years I had hair down to my knees...oo I have a picture! (I'll post it later) I don't necessarily want it that long again...just about below the shoulders. Anyway I'm bored....
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My long hair...well, in this picture it's about to my hips...
My dad drew all over it...grr
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Tuesday, March 14


No Michael photos up yet :(

mmm So today at Super Saver, I saw the most awesome guy. He was wearing a fedora, a long jacket, and suit. You just can't resist a guy in a fedora! :) I have such a wide variety of "awesome guys"...anyone who's grungy(to a certain extent), really different, and of course vintage. Everyone has a different idea of what those groups look like...my ideas are quite broad, but I don't feel like sharing.
I don't have school for the rest of this week and all of next week, so I'm really eager (and hoping) to get a decent amount of sewing and painting done. I'm such a slacker! tsk tsk This little fabric store (Just Fabrics 90th & Maple) I often shop at is holding a "fashion show," and I'm thinking about participating. That'd be a great experience. You can only show one piece of work, so I'm assumming I'd be wearing it?? I don't know, I'll have to find out.
Sometime soon I'm hoping to finish a layout/template I'm working on for my blogger...HTML used to be so easy...I think it'd be cool to have my own layout for my own blog. Maybe that's just me.
*Breakfast Club is playing at Dundee Theatre Friday and Saturday at midnight! (I'm going Sat.)
*Bemis Underground gallery opening Friday 7pm-9pm! :)

Sunday, March 12


Wow...I have had an excellent birthday!! :) Starting on Friday night...thank you Jitterbuggers! I really appreciated the birthday jam, the song (Troy/Merinda), the cake (see first one below....thanks Becky), flowers, and everything else!! You guys are the best/sweetest people ever. Thanks a bunch for starting off my birthday great! Saturday...I can't quite remember...oh I bought some art supplies...nothing too terribly exciting. and Sunday...oh lovely Sunday. I was planning on going to Lindy in the Park, but once I got down there, decided not to, instead I went to Zio's...mmm pizza. Opened some gifts from my family, and...Micheal. Micheal, Micheal, Micheal....AMAZINGLY AWESOME CONCERT!!! He is a great performer, and a very nice guy. He came out into the audience, but I forgot to whip out my phone and take pictures...BUT at the end he told us all to come closer, so I got right up there and there are some semi-good photos on my phone. I think the pics are great compared to the crappy phone. Once I figure out how to transfer them (and how much it costs) they'll be up here. I also got a t-shirt....mmmm Micheal. OOH and he sang Fever!!! :) haha Another great thing, I've just learned my option form into Westside High was accepted!!! yay!! :)
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Jitterbug Cake...yum

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Dairy Queen cake...mmmm
(There was one more normal cake with COokie Monster and Big Bird, but you'll have to wait until the film develops to see it :( 

Saturday, March 4


I bought my red dye finally. I'm putting it in tomorrow...it's going to be funny to see reactions. Went to Diavolo at the Orpheum tonight. It's kind of like Cirque on the Bravo channel. It was amazing to see how people can be so athletic and strong...wow. Also, if some of you want to see the art "in person"...I was thinking that I could possibly bring it to Jitterbugs Friday...Let me know if you'd want me to do that. I have lots of homework I should start...Bye


I finished my painting/art...I said I'd post it, so here it is. If you go to my photobucket pictures, there's other "angles" to look at it...The colors do not show up well at all in any of the pictures...maybe tomorrow I'll take it outside if it's sunny...that could help??...also the second word at the bottom left is "ART"....Pictures don't do such a great job of showing my art... :( Oh well....
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Friday, March 3

Broken Crayons

So, not too much to post about...I just got done gettting all "vintage" for tonight. I look cute, but I think I look more 50's, early 60's. Oh well...nothing I can do about that. I finished a painting last night at 2 a.m., I'm not entirely finished with the border (made of broken crayons :(  ), but when I do finish I'll post a picture of it.

Last night I saw the movie A Love Story (1970). What another great, teary movie...And the music is beautiful, too...

I meant it when I said I had nothing to post about...See everybody tonight.

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